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  1. it's Mahna Mahna, not Manha Manha....you complete muppet!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q60ztaPtuo8& footage
  3. many moons ago as a liftie in the US of A. I got to do test runs on brand new Doppelmayr detachable. We cranked that bad boy up to 7m a sec (they usually run no faster than about 5.5 to extend the life of the l/ift parts) at 7m a sec we hit an E-stop, emergency stop - which is exactly that - an instantaneous slamming on of the brakes. At 7 m/s and hitting an e-stop causes the chair to swing near 90 degrees and get rocked violently back and forth and up and down - all the chairs on the haul rope. Pretty freaky - like a theme park ride. If you were leaning forward looking down at your boot sa
  4. iphone 5 and ipad 3 on docomo with LTE? sayonara softbank, that will kill them. Klingon - root your phone and do whatever you want, make the un-deletable- deletable.....or get the Galaxy nexus - it runs stock android - no custom skins and crap added (yet) plus it's the best android phone yet, so they say and its a docomo now.
  5. Mick. Payment methods: PayPal Next Payment Amount 1: US66.82 U.S. dollars (Y 5,197) »The following breakdown of the total settlement« 1 Auction Price: US54.00 U.S. dollars (Y 4,200) U.S. Shipping: US0.00 dollar ($ 0.00) U.S. taxes: US4.72 dollar (367 yen) Shipping insurance in the U.S.: US0.00 dollar ($ 0.00) Sekaimon fee: US8.10 dollar (630 yen) yeah so there you go, the shipping was not included and that was The C.O.D bit. Yes Sekaimon took 15% . I actually used Paypal to pay the US side of things. In the end, it was well worth it for something that you cant buy in J
  6. I just had a play, asked siri who the best rugby team in the world is and she didn't know! Camera is very nice for such a small lens.
  7. i used it once, just recently, worked out OK, price was still decent. Though one thing that confused me that I need to check out (thanks for the reminder!) was the delivery was C.O.D I don't remember checking that option I assumed it would have been taken care of on the CC. edit. that should say the delivery charge was C.O.D,. the rest was on CC
  8. http://www.japanprob.../#disqus_thread it official softbank really does suck- not only crappy coverage but turtle speeds too. Heard that softbank was undercuting Au by about 500 yen a month, they would have to given their hopeless network. Softbank will soon see their customers gain records of late being quickly wiped out. "The test was conducted in Shibuya, an area of downtown Tokyo that should theoretically have better mobile coverage than almost anywhere. The AU phones measured speeds of 1.68Mbps and 1.26Mbps. The Softbank phones scored 82.13kbps and 88.3kbps. Softbank’s speed
  9. indeed GG, who? pioneers but not household names. Bram Cohen came up with bit torrent which worldwide could have more 'fans' than itunes.... Interesting the day Steve died, I told a class of 39 teenagers (all returnees, many who had lived it the US) that Steve Jobs had died, Most said who? only 5 in the class raised their hand when I asked if they knew who he was, just 5. ( unsurprisingly the stereotypical otakus) When I asked who had on ipod, about half raised their hands, iphone - 6 of them and 4 had ipads. I told them Jobs was the guy behind all things "i" and they were surprisingly in
  10. Karlheinz Brandenburg revolutionized the way we listen to music - he developed the mp3 codec. John Fanning and Shawn Fanning who developed napster they showed that getting music digitally on the interwebs was the future. itunes built on what napster did but above board, a progession rather than a revolution Heck you could argue that Bram Cohen has revolutionized it just as much too with what he did. Still, all credit too him - Jobs. he really played the last 10 years sublimely, from the ipod, to itunes to iphone to Ipad. Whatever faults the guy had, it was a phenomenal wave he rode since
  11. must say ,they look very nice on my 7inch android screen, I am a big fan of tapatalk app, but this mobile view is just spiffy. Well done SJ.
  12. which 10.1? the first aborted one or the much improved newer one? not sleek? it's thinnner, and lighter than the ipad 2 which gives me the impression you played with the early version 10.1 not the latest edition, which is "too" sleek and upset the applecart. It shudders? really? sorry but you must have got a dud, wipe it an reinstall from scratch. I find it very usable, I think I am a lot less fussy than you, but there you go, and as a phone - read my post - I use a bluetooth earpiece. Also "why mention it?" I didnt - you brought it up, I defended it. I initially only talked about the ne
  13. Sigh... face palm..... spec wise the 10.1 is a better tablet, App wise (which it seems is the only factor that counts) the ipad is untouchable. that is undisputed. Don't confuse the current 7 inch tab and the 10.1 they are totally different products, they oddly share the same name Pathetic attempt compared to an ipad? its not an ipad! its not in the same category. its a 7 inch hybrid oversized phone, treat it as such and it great highly portable tool. And yeah, I love my current 7 inch tab, use it hours everyday, watching HD video on the train, browsing the net, as a navi, as a video pl
  14. Funny how Apple are whining and crying to courts of the world to stop Samsung trying to sell a "better" product. Slimmer. lighter, better screen, better contrast ratio, better battery life, better camera's, ....so .whats the main problem? apple says it 'looks' like their product. The only place that the Ipad wins hands down is the app store, there are undoubtedly far more apps for the ipad, but 99.9% don't interest me. Android has enough apps that I want and use. Ipad killer is just fluff for the media to harp on about. The Galaxy tab 10.1 is the best tablet on the market (or currently b
  15. the "stats" in your profile, has a posting frequency over time graph, you can see your posting habits and other people too, the people who post at work, those who post after work and those who post all the time. Thursday for example doesn't post between 4 and 6 am - its non stop the rest of the 22 hours!
  16. GN - you are all class. What did you say during the 2009 Bush fires? "It's only Victorians - a few of them frying isn't such a loss, I can assure you" There a time and a place for black humour, but on a public forum where there are people closely affected by the floods???, heck third post in snowhuntress said her friends had lost everything. back on topic. This is becoming a heavily watched video - pretty insane. I heard on the news that one river was running 9m higher than its normal level - 9 metres, that's just shy of an Olympic high diving tower. Hop
  17. Dunno, but it streams very well, been watching the Ashes cricket all over the place on it, out in the yard today while I did some bicycle maintenance. That's something the ipad cant do - most streaming sites use flash player. EA mobile games are 80yen at the moment to buy on Android - get them while they are cheap.
  18. Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads If I had the ipad and the tab on my table and I wanted to do anything I want to do either on, the ipad wins easy each time. The screen is bigger, it really is a considerably smoother experience. The tab is generally more jerky and doesn't have that same silky smoothness that the ipad does. Hard to describe but there's just an extra layer of quality and finish to the ipad. Really? I guess with problem with the tab is you need to tweak it to get the best out of it, the stock browser on the tab is slow, but the I have mostly been using "Opera
  19. Indeed, had Apple gone with docomo I would more than likely be sporting an iPhone - as it is they forced my hand towards Android and now I sporting a gTab - and very happy. Softbank needs to sort out its coverage and strength of signal, so often you will be out with guys with iPhones or regular softbank handsets and they can't get any signal at all and you have 2-3 even 4 bars of signal, inside buildings is the the worst. Still not a bad deal. can imagine they would be pretty stringent giving away the free pads to gaijins not with spouse or permanent residents visa's.
  20. Softbank are giving the ipad away for FREE - the catch? a two year 3g data contract at 4800yen a month. hmmmm. not a shabby deal at all......
  21. Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads White stiching on black leather? It just isn't right. Yes, I'm that fussy. boku mo, that's why I get a magic marker and colour in the white!
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