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  1. Two Towers - excellent. Must see. Die Another Day - good. Good to see Bonds back to the "crazy dude wanting to take over the world" theme. A bit OTT, but good fun all the same. Nemesis - very average.
  2. I really wish I were in Japan. Never been, just drooling from afar. It's great to see such an English speaking community going on over there too (well in cyberspace I suppose). Hope to join you, if only for a short while, someday.
  3. All the very best to snowriding comrades in Japan!
  4. It does seem a pity that there isn't much going on at nighttime. Does the daytime make up for that then sufficiently?
  5. I read this just before with great interest. It's really interesting to read about the skiing cultures if you will round the world. I'd love to make it to Japan some day.....
  6. I'd love to go over to Japan to try out the winter sports over there. Read all of this with interest. What's it like at Christmas?
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