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  1. It's not easily to get to (especially from where I am). Such an effort to get there.
  2. My first time: I was worried to tell you the truth, not good balance. I thought I might be in for a broken something. But it turned out much better than that. Took it slowly, and managed to survive without injury! Looking forward to many times in 2003. Have a good 2003
  3. I went to Yuzawa yesterday and it was fantastic. Really nice snow, not TOO busy, and a great experience all round. We went to Iwappara resort in the town. Next time I want to try the Kaguro place up higher.
  4. I saw a bad accident yesterday. The guy was in a mess at the end of it. Not nice to watch
  5. Is driving back from, say Yuzawa or Hakuba etc a nightmare on a Sunday evening?
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