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  1. This guy is as funny as anything. It sure will make things interesting The man behind yesterday's sensational takeover of Manchester City has given manager Mark Hughes just three years to win the Champions League. But billionaire Dr Sulaiman al-Fahim - frontman for a mega-rich Middle East business group - will hand over an astonishing £540million to bring the world's top stars to the under-achieving Premier League club to help achieve the quest. Sulaiman said in an exclusive interview that he wants to buy 18 new players - at a cost of £30million each. He added: "I need t
  2. Thats rubbish. I have an Armageddon USB button for those moments. It's much more impressive (and a chick magnet too. Well, guzzlers-baps likes it).
  3. Quote: I remember once coming out of the clouds like that in the Nozawa gondola. Me too. I have heard a few people say that and I remember some pics in the photo section on here as well, must get it a lot. Great view from the very top looking out towards Nagano.
  4. Nice one Sam. I have been to Fukui, but not in winter. I might have to make a trip to that part of Japan again.
  5. His office must be slightly bigger than mine.....
  6. We'll be watching, rahul. Good luck (and keep them away from where I live! )
  7. I bet the brits are catching up. When I go back I am shocked at the general size which seems to get bigger every year.
  8. For those of you driving - do you use self-service petrol stations or the usual thing where they give you the service? There's one opened up near me that is calling itself "mini-self", whatever that means.
  9. Do you become a "nihonjin" then? I bet all other nihonjins don't think so!
  10. Bob Roberts. (I seem to like everything Tim Robbins is in).
  11. He need a belt. Perhaps if he got the role he could afford one. And a shirt.
  12. I saw them last year and they were excellent, they are still one of the best live bands out there I think. I don't rate their recent albums as much as earlier ones, but it doesn't make much difference.
  13. I have a friend who is pretty big and they really do not eat much and always seem to be careful with their eating and drinking - they say whatever they do, they hardly lose any weight. Unless of course they stuff themselves in private, but I really don't think so.
  14. If anyone is interested in the original King Kong, you can get it from amazon japan for just 500 yen! Here: http://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0007YVXDM/250-7810719-3477006
  15. I like it, give me one, I'll test it. (Perhaps coz I need some wheels)
  16. Great dvd that. Good book as well.
  17. ......and more here http://www.metacritic.com/film/titles/waroftheworlds#critics
  18. I'd rather the lines be safer and earthquake proof as possible than fast and cute myself.
  19. I didn't like Durso, I'll be glad to not notice him again. Refs should not be noticed. Unless their name is Collina, or that weird European dude with the big hair, chains and tan.
  20. This one is going to kick ass. Great looking trailer.
  21. A slightly less enthusiastic review here http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/629/629821p1.html
  22. Interesting. But what do they gain from people reading that nonsense crap?
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