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  1. I can't think of one thing that makes Appi noteworthy. While an all around great mountain, I think your time would be best spent at Hachimantai Forest. Crazy deep powder, numerous mini bowls, 50 times less crowded, and definitely something you'll only find in Tohoku. That's just my opinion. If you prefer varied groomed slopes with nice facilities Appi is a good choice. If you prefer freedom and powder, hit Hachimantai Forest. PS. Not Hachimantai Resort...big difference!
  2. Found out that Lawsons also sells tickets to this concert. Hope to see all you tohoku gaijin there!
  3. Thanks for the help guys. I got as far as this site: http://t.pia.co.jp/onsale/ons_perform_list.jsp. My Japanese sucks...does this mean tickets aren't on sale yet? Um...now I'm on what looks like the order page. お早めに
  4. A group of us from Misawa, Aomori-ken are planning a trip to Izumi 21 to see Pearl Jam on Feb 28. Anyone have any information on where we can get tix?
  5. db, A good friend of mine went yesterday and said Hakkoda was GREAT. I haven't been yet, but plan on carving around those "snow monsters" all day on Monday. I'll give you a full report when I get back.
  6. Yeah Plucky, this is only my second year here at Misawa, but I thought we get better snow than this. What days did you go? I talked to some who say the snow has been great at Appi and that the powder was sweet at Hakkoda (SJ's spelling bugs me too). Then I hear from others the conditions were terrible. I still haven't been out this season for fear of disappointment and beating up my new board.
  7. Are there any mountains in Akita worth the drive from the Hachinohe area?
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