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  1. the secret is that jared never travelled before LOL Sorry, just couldnt resist. I know that international flights allow only 2 packages into the cargo area, and 1-2 pieces of hand carry items. But do anyone know how they charge if I bring in a 3rd piece in the cargo area? Maybe I should just wrap my snowboard onto my suitcase with duck-tape. hahah.......
  2. is 12000 yen for extra piece of luggage, or for now meeting restriction? Last time I heard, for overweight luggage they charge by the kg its overweight. I feared that they charge by the cm thats overlength of snowboard
  3. Well, its been a fun year, but time to head home. Anyone know shipping companies that will ship snowboards or skis internationally? I looked into the postal services, but my board is too long. Looked into Fedex and UPS, they dont seem to have ground shipping. I wont need my gear for another half a year, so trying to find ground shipping or anything thats as cheap as possible to ship my board back. If its too expensive, maybe I will just leave it here. By the way, this is from Japan -> Canada. Thanks in advance.
  4. good story!! Personally for me, I much rather see a dedicated person at the sport with crappy gear then all those posers out there with top of the line gear just sitting on the slopes too scared to go down. Oops,.. went way off topic. Definitely reminds me of a chain book store in Japan. Anyone heard of "BOOK OFF"? They have a branch company for selling used electronics and used gaming consoles & games. To identify the used merchanised from the new, the used stock all have a sticker on them saying "USED HARD"....hahah I bursted out laughing everytime I see old used stock lyi
  5. one of the reasons (esp if you are talking about 360s), is that the center of gravity of men are higher up, whereas women's c.g are around their hips. If when you are doing a 360 and swinging your body around, men will have ALOT more mass & momentum then a women for that rotation, thus you get alot more spin out of it. just a thought. its just like that chair lifting game people play, how women do it and a men cant coz our c.g is different.
  6. Forget about age 35. At 24, I hardly remember anything before 16. heck, when I first read this post, I was trying to recall my own age. And within that 1 second that it took, I saw my life flashed through my eyes.... and still I dont recall being 11 (I literally saw numbers in my mind...hahah started around 18,..then kept going up...woahahahah..... 24!!! oh man, I feel so old ) Robert, I notice you are in Nagoya? haha, no need for free beer. Go to the Asahi beer factory in Nagoya, all-you-can-drink all day long!!!
  7. I was a Ichinose, ShigaKogen over the weekend. snow and a little fogging on Saturday. Big snowstorm developed Saturday night. By Sunday morning (around 7) snowfall stopped. Didnt know how much it was, but at the base areas, it was more then knee deep. I would say around 120-150cm on top. Clear sky. Great runs on Sunday. (too bad they closed the time trial Olympic runs only to some skiiers.... or I would love to try that)...
  8. barok: thanks, I think thats what happend to me. I never got used to leaning back far enough, after all those lessons I first had about putting your mass on the front foot. so I sort of "yanked" the nose up. But for the nollie part, it was pretty easy since leaning forward had become more natural. Dont think I can practice at home, since I live in a dormintory (japanese style hollow raised floor)... ). Any other exercise I can do to improve my jumps?
  9. After taking all the advices here, I finally tried some jumps. I was in ShingaKogen this weekend and they just packed over 2 meter of powder on Sunday. Needless to say, I was on the first ride trying jumps. After a couple runs, I start to develop pain on the inner thigh of my front leg, all the way to my heels, thought I pulled a tendon. Its seems like I really had to yank it in order to get the front part of the board up (then spring with the rear)... Still in pain today. Was it doing it wrong? need more tips!! Ohby the way, maybe I am crazy, but it seems alot easier to
  10. Ocean: Thanks man,... it would be interesting to see responses from them. Yeah, I figure it wasnt a "serious" brand. But hey, I had fun while learning hard with it, thats what matters. I didnt get kissmark bindings and boots through, they dont have the highback styles I wanted. Got myself a pair of cheap cheap Ride Orion boots and Ride bindings instead. Next time you see a fat ass Asian looking gajin flying through the trees with a kissmark board, dont forget to say hi to me ! P.S. haha... you guys think that Nake Girl board is bad?...God,.... should check out mine
  11. SnoboYaro: No problem, flame away. I rather be in the know then the stupid gajin walking around. I dont think I am at the level to crticize different aspect or brands of boards yet, so please do the honors for me
  12. Was at Niseko over the weekend. I saw a couple of them on the alpine courses, but none on fresh powder bigcountry or the park. but you know what? those helmet guys were FAST!!! haha... okay, maybe I am just slow.... I tried to race one of them down the alpine course, but came up short.
  13. Quote: Originally posted by mogski: Tachyon you certainly are an interesting one aren't you. Buy the gear and then ask what it's like afterward? I am a skier so I can be of little help. ... what can I say.... I am an impulse buyer? Actually, after hunting for 2 months in Gifu / Nagoya area, I ended up just grabbing the first thing I see that fits me. Try finding US size 12 boots and a 165+ board in Japan!!! I think all the savings I got ended up paying for transportation costs of the multiple times I get around looking and checking different stuff.... Man,...
  14. After coming to Japan. There are some brands that I have never heard off. Kissmark is one of them. stuff like flow, Yonex (for boards), and other japanese brands I have never heard of. Just out of curiousity (and convience) I bought a kissmark board to try out. Definitely better then my old old airwalk board. But how good is it compare to other stuff? anyone have opinions? about their construction, materials, quality, whatever? thanks
  15. OUfreeski2: going for Yuki Matsuri on Friday at Sapporro, then arriving to Niseko on Sunday morning. db, hahah.... thats some story.... now if I can only get those hot security chicks to do the same thing I do have my Gajin card with me at all times, but its the passport thing I am not sure of. Another good story: Once I was stopped by patrol on the streets while walking back home, they asked for my gajin card and where I was going. After some difficulty with the Japanese language, I asked them why I was stopped. The only english words I got out of their mouths w
  16. Just getting ready and packing for my Niseko trip. Anyone know if Passport is required for gajins on a domestic flight? or the good old gajin card is enough? just want to make sure, thanks.
  17. so you ARE (seriously) suppose to land on your tail?,... ok will give that a try. thanks all for the suggestions. keep them coming!! If I live to tell my success story, you guys would be the first to hear about it. Thats if I dont bust my spine so that it pops out from my ass
  18. supposely when you go off the hump (whatever you call it) you are suppose to be center yourself, not toe side, not heel side. after in mid air, I do think should lean forward a bit. but man... I thought I got pretty good muscles from all the compression and craving I do, but I dont get any height from trying the jumps.... anyone know what I am doing wrong? Its pretty scary to try too,,... so maybe I am just chicken...
  19. K, I think I am at the stage where I want to start learning jumps. Will be going to Niseko next week. Any tips? guides? things to look out for? Thanks
  20. deebee or anyone what are snowbeds? website? info? I need to reserve pretty quick.... thanks
  21. haha or you can say "Jama, ikimashou ka".....hahah. (literally means "hey buddy, you are in the way,.. let me pass through") wouldnt be very nice, but will get them to move aside definitely.
  22. Where is a cheap place to stay in Habuka. planning on a short trip from Jan 2nd -> 5th, and couldnt find cheap hotels any recommendations?
  23. Board recommendations needed. I have been riding for 2 years now, time to get some new equipment that are better. I mostly freeride, and starting to learn jumps and actualy landing them...haha (long story). Anyhow, I am about 90kg, looking for a board thats 160-164. Something thats good to learn jumps with and can freeride, and maybe hitting the half pipe later with it. Because of my weight, you guys think I should get something stiffer? (I was looking at a Burton Custom board, but some guys a the shop mentioned that maybe I should go for stiffer one with my weight?!?!) Found 2
  24. boots are too small. I had that happend a couple of years back. Riding about 1-2 times a week. My big toe hurts after riding Ended up "air" or whatever got into the nails, and blood clot there....hhaha I had 2 purple big toes for 1/2 a year until the nails grew out!!! Something about damaging the nailbed my doctor saids... something 1/2 a size bigger would do it
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