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  1. Not really a story. I did used to brew my own beer and wine for about 25 years I made mistakes in the beginning. When i moved house the first thing to go on the van was 30 gallon of beer because I did not know when i would be able to brew again. I did need something to tide me over { I did have 3 barrels at the time} But you must keep things clean. In the UK you can buy camdem tablets which is like a mild bleach. you can use the stuff they use to clean babyies bottles. If you are doing wine you will need to put a tiny drop in the air lock.Beware it is strong.I have crawed up staires
  2. Before you start make sure everything is clean. You have been warned
  3. No way. That's just like saying: "if you've never skied, don't" "if you've never drank whisky, don't" "if you've never shagged, don't" Grow up!! He is driving a car which in the wrong hands is a lethal weapon. You don,t know if he has a wife and child in the car with him and don.t forget he will probaly be used to be driving on the right. which is another hazard and driving round somewhere like Happo one is no fun
  4. That's a bit drastic. If he took your advice, how's he ever supposed to learn? I know. But he will have a good holiday.Then learn to drive on snow in is own time with no stress
  5. If you have never driven on snow don,t Just enjoy your holiday and use the shuttle bus
  6. You fly from Manchester to Helsinki, Helsinki- Toyko I wish I could fly from Glasgow to Helsinki but no such luck. There is an Edinburgh Helsinki. but it is not with Finair ( I can,t remember the name of the airline at the moment] and I only found it after I booked my BA flight.Sods law
  7. Pie-eater Nout to do with this thread Have you tried Finair from Manchester to Tokyo
  8. Beer Is proof that god love us and wants us to enjoy our lives
  9. I have always come to Hakuba late in the season and I would have been travelling back this weekend. This year I came early I would really be upset being stuck in Hakuba
  10. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy Originally Posted By: Oyuki kigan You partially answered my question. no, i fully answered it Sorry I don,t beleave you.
  11. Would you beleave it 40 centimeters of snow has fallen in Aviemore.I,am going home on Monday I might just go skiing.
  12. Originally Posted By: roscoe I noticed the same thing at the bus stops at Shiga kogen and it was not the overseas snow lovers littering. Sad to see. Ive always see japan as the cleanest country I have visited.Found NZ pretty good to seem to have good pride in their country. If it is not the overseas visitors !! Who !! The Japanese.I doubt it
  13. Originally Posted By: Mamabear ...depends on what floats your boat and what the shirtless gay dude looks like... I reckon same could be said for men and topless lesbians... What is a topless lesbian? Is it one without a hat.
  14. Originally Posted By: Korbzy yea i loved hakuba, went to happo 6 days straight and did a night ski at 47, it was amazing, im planning a 1 month trip there with a mate, should be good too bad its warming up now thought the season would last alot longer but the warm temp isnt very pleasant. hakuba is amazing, the small town and the friendliest people i've ever met, i fell in love with the people, so welcoming and always helping others out. I wish aussies would learn off them >.< when I went to the park they had speed restrictions in place o.O they wouldnt let you pick up enoug
  15. Originally Posted By: -20.7 My comment was in response to you seemingly questioning if I had actually been there or not. Originally Posted By: Weegeoff That is if you have been to Hakuba I still think you are spoiled Try skiing the rocks in Scotland ( ok not this year} Now I am going to the pub.
  16. Originally Posted By: Mr Wiggles Nice and sunny today. I would have like to have gone, but my daughter got really stroppy getting her gear on. She is only four. I'd imagine most of the ice has already softened up a lot of the way though. Only 4 you say. It only seems like 5 mins ago we were watching the log festivale It must be only an other year to the next one.
  17. Originally Posted By: -20.7 Not spoilt, no. Or maybe yes. Or maybe your standards just ain't that high. Whatever, doesn't matter to me now. Have fun. That's if you are even in Hakuba. ( ) I,m here and two more weeks to go
  18. Originally Posted By: -20.7 I didn't time my trip to Hakuba well - rain yesterday, icy today. Bloody awful it was. I was planning on being here until Monday but I think I'm going back home tomorrow, this is just not fun. I'd say we need 50cm or so to give good cover and make things decent and that totally looks like not happening in the next few. :sad: /rant I have been here for two weeks having a great time. You must be very spoiled That is if you have been to Hakuba
  19. Originally Posted By: rach Mad question, but what kind of "dance" is this Hand jive
  20. Originally Posted By: JA Geoff, you're saying that there are people out there whose ability is lower than their assessment of their ability. (or, who are not as good as they think they are!) How could you think that? I am saying that there are selfish people with the ability .But they think the rules and common sense dose not apply to them. There are car who are like this as well
  21. Originally Posted By: MrSingh I'd try not to board in heavy traffic areas. Beginning/intermediate slopes are full of beginners barreling out of control. How about getting equipment insurance? I hate to say this but it is not the beginers/intermediate who do this.It,s the people who can snowboard or so they think. It is only a tiny minority of selfish people and a apply,s to skiers as well
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