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  1. all I know is it works very well when speeding down a mountain. When in need do the "Bushmans" nose blowing technique and yes you'll have the ladies drolling over this one. It's a real killer and gets em every time....... Nigelman
  2. It's rude in japan to blow your nose if your having a meal with people. Otherwords your safe to do the nasty........ when you have to release the snauttttttttt get it down instead of snorting it down. Next if your on the mtn do what I do (rugby trick) Clog your one nostrol passage with your index finger then blow very hard to extract the snaught. It works every time! Nigelman
  3. Good ? Pauseeeeeee, think, chug beer, crack knuckles....... Gaiigen men who think they are soooo hot and cool and try to pick up cute japanese woman. In their prior desperate life back home were complete losers and couldn't even pick up a potato sack. Once their roots have soaked in they realize "OH my god I'm such a stud and can get laid all the time" These men truly beiieve that they have the ability to pick up anything that has a skirt. The most funniest thing is when they try thier sugoi moves on one of our Japanese\N.Americaned ladies. That's what I've noticed in my own amusing wor
  4. Vancouver Canada, home of the 2010 winter Olympics......fingers crossed. Live in Fukuoka Japan, Me like Japan! Later, Nigel
  5. I'm waiting for my burton bindings to come. So far all my ebay purchaces have come with no hastle. One more week! Nigel
  6. Yo, I'm just learning how to spin here myself.(Gambatemas) This rear I'm going to convince "Me" that I'll have the ability to do a simple spin land Fakie? (As he slaps himself across the face) Thanks for adice Barok, it sounds like going in on a slight angle is a sugoi IDEA! I guess at this point it becomes more of a twisting, jerking motion in the hips. Making sure to use your hands for your aiming to the landing. Next I guess is either landing reg or fakie? What about busting your wrists? I know lots of kids who do it every year on Whistler or any other local mtn in Vanouver.
  7. What I do with the crossing thing is just pretend your going to jump out at them. Don't enter it but just look your going to. They'll stop real quick, then cross. Tricky stuff or what? Nigelman
  8. Wow lots of Canadian content there. I'd have to say going to Lalopoloza at UBC for 2 years straight. You see 8 bands throughout the day(non stop fun) I'd have to say Green was the best! Lit their drums on fire and thrashed the whole stage at the end. Plus moshing was great..... I think I lost my one of my sandles in there. Nigelman
  9. I can't get used to performing weddings as a priest and being an English teacher! Nigelman
  10. I have a rocking kewllllll band, you'll like it. Click on this link you'll find it perrrrrrrrrfect! http://www.rathergood.com/vines/ and http://www.rathergood.com/independent_woman/ Nigelman
  11. Then what about ebay and the 200 jackets, boards and bindings for sell. I bought a Burton Ronin jacket last month on the net no prob (15,000yen) new! Nigelman
  12. I myself have bought 100% of all my gear online this year and refuse to pay these ridiculous prices in Japan. I went through ebay canda and had all of my stuff bought with one seller. He has a store so it was great. One thing you might wanna consider is if your from Canada or America just have the gear sent to your mom's or friends. Then have them ship it all in one box for yeah. That's my adivce, Nigelman
  13. Manly is a very nice beach and yes I've been there too. I'm from Vancouver Canada home of the best boarding in the world. I think I'll be in for a little bit of disapointment trying the mountains this year. (japan) Salami is very good on pizza! Also roll your salami with some cheese mixed with olives, tomato sauce, spinach, cook and voalllaaaaaa pizza salami rolls!!!!! Later, Nigelman
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