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  1. I don't like all the fuss before and after the riding. It's a pain, but worth going through.
  2. There's a few in Jimbotcho, but I see you're in Nagano. Can't help with that sorry..
  3. If the weather's good, take my own things to eat. Cheaper, quicker, and more fun sitting out on the snow. If it's blizzarding, then it's a different matter...
  4. I've never owned one, but they seem to me to be not much more than a sexy-looking wow electronic diary.
  5. I am hoping to hit 10 resorts this season, when it starts for me - when I get back from the US in early Jan.
  6. Not me, I adore snow. But if it just gets in the way and gives you more work and you don't ski, I can see how it could be a pain.
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