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  1. I won a lift ticket for a place in Hokkaido--but probably won't get up there. I'd like to give it to someone who could use it.
  2. I also won a day ticket for Niseko but doubt if I make it up there to use it. The four day thing would be worth the extra time, effort and money, though. Too bad some airlines or JR don't donate some half-price trips for winners to use.
  3. Why don't you get JR and Japan Air (or others) involved in the giveaways as well? Perhaps they would be willing to give a 50% off on travel from any place in Japan to a certain spot--on any giveaway. That way more people would be inclined to enter. However, I must say that a 4 day trip for 2 including skiing and hotel is enough to cause someone to spring for the extra bucks to get up there (while a day ticket with no travel support really isn't).
  4. Thanks, all--for the feedback. It seems like Zao is the unanimous choice. Being further north it may have better snow at that time. We stayed at a great hotel there, which had one of the best rotemburos I've been to in Japan. Thanks again.
  5. Recently we went to Zao and had a good time. A friend is coming to visit towards the latter part of March, and we're thinking of doing a little skiing. I've done Shiga Kogen, Happo-One in Hakuba, and Zao-- I'm debating whether to take him back to Zao, or to try Nozawa Onsen (something new). Anyone have any pros or cons about these spots?
  6. Goryu in the Hakuba area is supposed to be a good beginner area. I'm taking some friends who are beginners there this December. We're staying at the De'Laile Hotel, where the head chef has agreed to make us a turkey dinner for Christmas (I'm having it sent by the Foreign Buyers Club).
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