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  1. I was in Chiba, felt it big time
  2. I'm not far out of Shizuoka, looks like NAgano will be my haunt
  3. Very very stylish, I really like it a real looker. Looks like I'm going to enjoy my first winter here.
  4. Is it just me that cringes at overt patriotism (whoever it comes from)? On another subject, anyone have any old snowboards to sell?
  5. Pretty much the same as you Ronie, except a Head board and bindings. tim
  6. I'm mostly a skier (sometime telemarker), but that killer bot thing had me laughing out loud. Got to see the humor in it! Keep em coming Chairman
  7. I swing both ways, depending on the snow conditions, resort I'm going to, and my feeling on that day. Best of both worlds.
  8. camleback? never heard of them before......where can you get them? Any pics?
  9. I have heard about Zao quite a bit....does Zao have any decent boarding facilities? thank you tim
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