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  1. They have done in the past yes - thats pretty much 'normal' for them to aim to open around then. They have opened earlier than that when there was a large snowfall, but usually they will be able to open around then - esp. the top Kagura part.
  2. Impressive hey? We asked them for one a few weeks back and not got one yet..... thanks for reminding us, on the case. This is what they do have http://www.princehotels.co.jp/ski/kagura/course.html (click on the "broadband" link) You'd think they would have something better up there.
  3. When we spoke to one of the resorts over there a short while back, it was pretty much the same as what H47 said in that article over winter - ie. muzukashiiiii. Did not seem likely, but will let know more if we know it.
  4. That would be good We've updated the Snow Map page - where links to all of these are nicely laid out http://www.snowjapan.com/e/daily/snowmap.html
  5. Before this thread deteriorates any more.... a call for calm. Please - let's keep insults and the like off the forums. We don't want to have to consider closing the thread (or anything nearly as controversial as that ) right now, but ask that if you can't post on subject without using insults please refrain from posting. Let's try to keep it good-natured. Thanks.
  6. Look out for an article covering these kinds of issues on Snow Japan soon...
  7. Glad you like it! We've been making some minor changes after hearing some comments from people - much appreciated. Expect to see this officially online in early fall.
  8. International Snow News (brought to you in association with Snow24 ) --World's Highest Ski Lift Likely To Open in October --New Funitel at Alpe d'Huez --Vast Ski Area Planned for Ukraine --Deer Valley Spends on New Lifts --Kat Skiing adventurers to Mt McKay Begin For Season ================================================= World's Highest Ski Lift Likely To Open in October Completion of the second stage of a POMA built gondola at the famous Indian ski area of Gulmarg in Kashmir is likely to be completed by October, according to the latest reports. The gondo
  9. Sorry about that. ( Out of the 25 or so people who have tried so far, we've had just 2 who couldn't login - both saying that they were trying from work behind some evil firewalls. And one of them said they could login when they got back home ). Any more people interested in giving it a go?
  10. We tried logging in with your username and password RH without problem - seems in your case it is a firewall issue at work (!) We'll do what we can to make it as accessible as possible. Thanks to all the people who have helped out - we'll keep this open for the next few days so if you want to check it out just mail us! Thanks
  11. Thanks. Will remember that for next time in Sendai.
  12. First of all, there has been no censorship in this thread at all. Simply a request for cool down. Quote: SJ, I'm certainly not one to favor censorship but our pal Ocean 11 and DB do seem to enjoy favoritism. They do not. No-one does. Simple as that. Quote: Maybe it's based on their volume of posts..nationalities, I don't know. The thought of cautioning someone because of their nationalities has not even crossed our minds for a second. Apart from the fact that that would be a silly idea, pointless and without merit, believe me - we have many mo
  13. Plucky, we are not "against you"! Just correcting something you said/implied. No-one - Ocean11 or anyone else - gets any special treatment. That's all. On to some happier threads?
  14. Quote: I keep forgetting the rules around here. Ocean uber alles. Incorrect. (Unless people are creating their own rules and living by them with their posts.)
  15. Yeah, listen folks.... as always we really don't want to start deleting and thinking about closing threads - but can we please cool down on this and leave out the personal attacks? Appreciated.
  16. Hi there Make your avatar (70x70 pixels), and upload it to your members page on SnowJapan. Then go into the " my profile " and click on View/Edit Profile). Then you will be able to edit your profile and link up your Avatar. Thanks!
  17. Quote: Relationships? Who, do tell?! Sorry, promised not to tell...
  18. Well thats very nice to hear. We sometimes get mails sent to us from people who have met up from the site. It even looks like there might even be a relationship or two going on as well...
  19. Very powerful storm indeed. Power off for a moment in Yuzawa.
  20. 3 more vids added today - another from Jared and new vids from fb-steve and boardsnow4.....check them out in the Video Gallery: http://www.snowjapan.com/e/gallery/index-vids.html
  21. Something strange going on here - will see to it.....
  22. Sorry there Toque, your post seems to have been deleted by mistake (a word you used seems to have caused havoc with the system)
  23. That sounds great, looking forward to seeing it... And many thanks for giving the site a mention barok.
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