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  1. Now that I'm back home with cable, watching all these rap videos makes me want to be a PIMP real bad!
  2. Did I mention gas is cheaper there too? Yup, Costco's got their own pumps!
  3. These days I pay only around 600yen rather than 1300yen to develop a 25 exposure APS roll...believe that!
  4. That person need to be stuffed into a microwave himself.
  5. I've decided to take a little trip back to J-Land next month(all the girls miss me already ). Will call my travel agent tomorrow!
  6. Now come to think of it...I never bothered locking my sliding glass door when I was in Japan.
  7. Quote: Originally posted by barok: I don`t eat meat, dairy, eggs, chicken, fish, none of it. What? You don't even eat fish Barok? How do you survive? It's hard to imagine your daily menu...
  8. Quote: Originally posted by scoobydoo: Vanilla Coke? Never heard of it. Had my first sip of Vanilla Coke yesterday. It's quite tasty in my opinion with just a slight hint of vanilla.
  9. Quote: Originally posted by Kintaro: Had ice tea for lunch and some amino supli for dinner. Ahh...Kirin's Amino Supli, yum! I used to down them like water. Damn you Kintaro for bringing it up. Now I want some!
  10. Yup, it happens in Japan more often than you think. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that overall Japan is not a very religious country.
  11. Don't need it here, so far...unless if you go for a drive in the afternoon. Actually today's a bit chilly.
  12. Quote: Originally posted by db: i bought a nice big over-priced fan the other day. it really gets the air moving and dramatically reduces the need for AC. db: in August powerful fan+A/C=pure bliss
  13. Mine's still in Japan. I left it w/ a good friend because it was just impossible to bring everything back on one shot(still got about 10 boxes in his room). But then again if I just leave it over there I'll have a legitimate excuse to go boarding in Japan come next season!
  14. Quote: Originally posted by zwelgen: Sold em last weekend But now money in my pocket Don't drink it away girl!
  15. Yup, Snow Par is the one with a bowl-ish thingy on the top and that pathetic looking lift connecting between lower parking and the base. By the way did you know they'd charge you 300yen just for using that dinky lift once? It'd be a more attractive place if they put in a board park though.
  16. Quote: Originally posted by nori-chan: My friend and me are now thinking about going to US in June. We are interested in LA and California, is it as fun as it looks and good place to go? What? Ya thinking 'bout coming over to my town? L.A.'s the pits...ain't nothing cool here man. Go somewhere else!
  17. Guam or Saipan would be ideal destination(only about 4hr from Japan, relatively cheap and English is spoken there)but may be a bit pricey in July/August. I was there back in April for 5 days and had a great time!
  18. Mulholland Drive. Goddam it, what the hell was David Lynch trying to do?! Screw that "artistic angle" crap...just a waste of my time.
  19. I'm craving for a konbini bento and some REAL bottled tea(none of that Arizona crap)right about now!
  20. Quote: Originally posted by the stoned koala: Theres this image that lots can speak English. Is that reality or not? No. Althogh many of them tend to think so. If I go to Morioka, will I be able to get by in English? NO! You won't get very far at all. At least try to have a fairly good understanding of katagana. This will make your life in Japan SO MUCH easier!
  21. I guess Kawaba is alright but if you're not into hiking it could be too crowded for your liking. Its runs aren't exactly fun/longish either. If I were you I'd give Hotaka Bokujo a try(especially if you're a boarder)which is also positioned relatively close to Numata IC(about a 40min drive). This ski area is reasonably big with snow quality that can rival Nagano's. Another place I'd recommend is Snow Par Ogna Hotaka(I discovered it by chance this past season)which is also in the same neighborhood. This place's got lots of good snow, interesting trails, great view and offers the option of d
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