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  1. Oh man Markie, you were one of those unfortunately souls who were tricked into goinig down The Wall of Destruction (as my friends and I call it). That is NOT a trail for normal boarding consumption, I swear! I've seen too many people literally roll down that wall while taking the quad. Even my crazy one-footed skier buddy told me it was "not so pleasant."


    So to all you first time Teine Highland goers, get that "I can do this" mentality outta your head and stay clear of the very right side!

  2. From what I've been told the place is mostly skiers and kinda weak. Short lifts and courses aren't very well laid out. No real park and lift tix doesn't come cheap either. But don't just take my words for it...going check it out yourself. :p


    One of the main reasons I would bypass this joint is because there are several options in the area that are more attractive...Nozawa being one of them, Myoko Suginohara is another, heck, even Kita Shiga Ryuo looks tempting!

  3. From what I've heard the comments are usually positive. My only gripe with them would be that they're a bit bulkier, the plastics they use look on the cheap side and they cost much higher than your traditional bindings, relatively speaking. I believe FLOW's top of the line bindings for '04~'05 cost around $500. eek.gif BTW, has anyone seen/demo'ed K2's top of the line for this coming season? The set-up is almost like FLOW's except they kept the "strap" design. Oh yeah, they'll cost you a pretty penny too.


    About FLUX, I believe it is a respected and reputable brand and in Japan it's got some cult-like following. I rode a pair of FLUX Platinum (lower end model) this past season and I have to say they were more comfortable and supportive than the RIDE LS bindings I use to have. I'm probably gonna go with their Super Titan 2 in Kent Green this season, if I can get my hands on a pair (Matt Hammer Pro Model is too stiff for me and both S.D.R. 2 and SWAT look too tacky for my liking).

  4. If you don't want to travel too far away from the city, try Sapporo Int'l (Sapporo Kokusai). Rusutsu's got lots of steeps for skiers to carve and don't knock Kiroro. Yes, it's not as big as Niseko (that's because it's 3 resorts combined into 1) but believe me you'll have plenty to play with for a whole day. Plus the snow condition is just as good and the resort is really nice and gives you a comfortable feeling as compared to nothing but minshuku in Niseko.

  5. It's all up to your personal preference but I got a pair of DRAGON FOIL w/ dark amber lens last season and they worked great both down here in bright&sunny Southern Cali and up at Mammoth where the climate sometimes gets a little nasty. All I know is they sure beat the hell out of the crappy Oakley I'd been using for the previous 3 seasons and the Dragon never fogged up, not even once! Generally speaking Rose lens are for milder/overcast condition. But I think fit is also very important. Good luck.

  6. Greetings, my fellow snow-loving SJ members! I was in hiberation mode during summer but I'm back. Not sure if anyone of you have heard but over here in Cali Mammoth Mountain opened last Thursday and I'm heading up there this Friday!! \:D Originally the resort was planning to open on the 11th of next month but we've been blessed with unseasonably cold weather this month.


    I first heard about the "rumor" from one of my co-workers last Tuesday. At first I was doubtful but after checking the live cam on their website (www.mammothmountain.com) I was in shock and my jaw almost dropped to the ground. It was friggin' storming up there...EVERYTHING was covered in white! eek.gif I'm not talking about only the upper part of the mountain or certain trails. The entire resort was blanketed by fluffy, white pow pow! \:\)


    Now I'm actually a little concerned whether my Toyota will be able to make it up there if there's another blizzard this weekend. Mammoth got 2 more inches this morning and the forecast calls for more snow tomorrow and Wednesday. Thank goodness I'm all set for this coming season gear wise (all I'm waiting for now is Burton's new Rail Guard...nobody seems to carry it yet).


    Anyway, I'M SO THERE!!


    How's Hokkaido looking for you guys?



  7. I'm surprised no one mentioned Shinshu Nomugi Toge. It's by no means huge but big enough to keep you busy for a day (no park though). Of course, Norikura Kogen Onsen is not bad, either. I'd put these 2 resorts up against any "lower Hakuba" resorts. The best part about these 2 places is virtually no crowd, even on weekends. If you're not willing to drive all the way up try Kamui Misaka by Kawaguchi Lake. It's got both an indoor area and an outdoor slope. They've got jumps and rails too but I wouldn't recommend going there on a weekend.

  8. You've only got a few choices so you can't be too picky. Hakuba Goryu/47 may still be open and Happo-One is usually open til GW. If you're situated close by go there. I hit up Shiga Kogen last GW and it was pretty pathetic...skating through bamboo fields while dodging dirt patches and rocks. Although '01~'02 season didn't see much snowfall, I remember Tashiro/Kagura wasn't bad at all for GW. If you feel the need to go out of the way then give Okutadami Maruyama a try. But I heard it was crowded and icy up there last season. Hope this helps.

    P.S. you WILL get slush anywhere you go

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