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  1. Ah Ocean 11, why is it that I imagine u with dribble all over you not just your t shirt. A little tongue in the right place goes a long way, and cheek well!!!! take it easy. See u soon.
  2. H47 to Goryu run is sick. Devun Walsh, Andrew Hardingham, Dammo Liddy and many others all agree check it out. short vid clip at http://homepage.mac.com/trioproductions/HakubaPowder/iMovieTheater17.html Avoid the ski Patrol.
  3. Hakuba 47 to Goryu off piste tree run vid at http://homepage.mac.com/trioproductions/HakubaPowder/Menu9.html This is a great run. Pull out to the right before you hit the dam at the bottom. later
  4. I have had a number of run ins with patrol. But there is no way I would ever give them my pass. The problem is that they just keep on giving you a hard time. Point, if you go out of bounds be prepared, in this country it is self rescue. So make sure you have the right equipment and or go with someone that knows the terrain. Some of the off piste runs can drag your ass down into a gully that is hell to get out of. S
  5. Hakuba 47 is the best resort in deep powder as there are lots of steep off piste runs. Maybe still a little sketchy at the moment but the run from 47 to Goryu is sick, just pull out before you hit the dam at the bottom. later
  6. Oh I have to say that I spent 1 week in Nozawa 2 Seasons ago. And to this day it was the most beautiful powder snow I have ever ridden. Nozawa onsen is very cool and the dudes working the lifts and ski Patrol will happily tell you where the good runs are. A very cool and relaxing resort.
  7. Two years ago at Happo 3 NZ boarders died in an Avalanche. They were Craig Mowat, Chris Coaster and James Gordon.
  8. Happo is one of the best mountain resorts in Japan. No doubt about it. It has the potential to be won of the best resorts in the world. But they have many problems. 1.The lifts don't go to the top of the mountain. 2.They offer no season pass. 3. Why not, as a previous reader has suggested, link Happo and 47 with Goryu. Imagine that. 4. Ski patrol problems, how many guys have lost there day pass at Happo for going out of bounds. Management problem. But hey Happo rocks. I'm going to Nozawa this coming weekend anybody going there? Sean
  9. Hakuba 47 interlinked with Goryu is the pick of the bunch. It's nice and steep and great tree runs. Happo is good too but they don't have a season pass.
  10. Hi Mai, I love Hakuba too, you can see some cool Hakuba Photos and vids at http://homepage.mac.com/trioproductions/HakubaPowder/Menu9.html I spent 6 weeks there last season. Hope to get down there again this season. A good place to stay in Hakuba is Snowbeds. http://www.snowbedsjapan.com/ Lots of people from all over the world hang out here and it is cheap. Later Sean
  11. Hi, you need to download the latest quicktime 6 to view them. Sean
  12. Hi everyone, I have just finished the editing of my new snowboard vid, all filmed in Hakuba. It features great riders like Andrew Hardingham, Devun Walsh, Dammo Liddy, Shay Paxton and heaps more. You can view some clips of the video at http://homepage.mac.com/trioproductions/ Check it out, if you want. See you guys in Hakuba this season again. S Trio Productions Japan
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