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  1. Depends what size you are. In the shop I saw the 182 and 188s.
  2. That looks like it was posed for but I was there he came over a hill and onto the fork of the tree. Couldn`t get him off it for a bit either!! Show us that one where you came up short on the Dyna step down and crushed yourself.
  3. Jared, wot vids did you buy? I loaded up on the FREEZE subscription with the two volume vid mags. Also yesterday at the SOS store here the Eischer tour vid was there
  4. Yeah, a friend of mine stayed up there a few weeks ago and he had nothing but good things to say about the joint and the dude that runs it. The place is open all year, they have canoeing and mountain biking in the off season.
  5. So you finally got it written,mate. Nice work!I even got I look in>thats` better work!! Lucky you didn`t show `em the lame air I was gittin out of that pipe!!
  6. Are you guys gunna have the chat facility working this winter?
  7. Yeah man, I`m a weekend warrior so don`t know about the mid-week scene.Big kahuna had a weekday seasons pass last year and he was going up on Weds. Si you might be able to hook up w/him.
  8. Yeah Fatty I like huckin` cliffs and doin` chutes but there is not real big mountains where I live.You gotta make the most of your "home" hill.
  9. That mega sale at the dome is only snowboard gear. I go to the MASA snowboard shop a fair bit they are all good guys and the owners` cool. Victoria sports is another big store but w/no stock in at the mo,I reckon.
  10. Yeah,mate!BTW I scanned the tubing picture and sent it to Sam, but doesn`t look like she got it,eh.
  11. Thanks. You`ll know whether I`ve got it or not if you see a pic posted by me!!
  12. "URL shown in its` properties" corresponds to what letter in the Windows J version, Ocean?
  13. Yeah 1080s are a solid ski.Can`t say I`ve had any problems with mine.They handle most conditions well. Only on deep POW days they let down cause they are too narrow (mine are> a few years agos model) But the current model are a little wider.They also chatter at high speeds too.
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