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  1. Is that the same one that came free with the latest FREEZE mag?
  2. Yeah thanksd for the advise. Yup headin there over New Years.
  3. Yeah will check it out further, and stay away from the Yon-sama resort ansd the shitloads of middle-aged Japanese women that will not doubt be there!
  4. Damons` crew doesn`t look like they`re are coming either. Looks like ur on our own!
  5. I rode one of those rainbow rails. But heaps smaller at Takasu. The video should be up once Nick finds sum software to run it.
  6. Will send you the video fatty and you can post sum clips if you want.
  7. Yeah I`m heading up w/Damon. Gotta find a way back and yes there is be sum heavy pipe smoking goin on!
  8. Censorship guidlines in Japan are strange. Can`t see any hardcore porn but you can get it in a comic!Work that out!
  9. Should make it over that crevis this year!Providing the is a decent tranny.
  10. Wanna c big air check Winstedts spine hit at this com last year> www.redbullbigair.com
  11. Gotta spend at least 1 day filming in the Takasu Park on a day before/after the proposed BBQ. So there are no tensions like last year...as to wot to do.
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