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  1. Ya think so FT? I'd luv to ride those Rock Star Madens and see how they go compared to the BCs
  2. CB, yeah these scratch BCs r 182s, not alot of dif between 178-182 I s'pose...still want a pair of Madens'. S'pose the 189s would be the go
  3. Have a look @ this article; http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=105358
  4. Hey, come on, I thought this was the take the piss out of FT forum, hehe. Yeah, 50,000 was OK. Dude was shutting down his shop, but would only sell them to me at the end of the season... So I was like Madens in springtime...ummm
  5. There were some cheap Madens going last year, which was gunna buy...decided they were too short. Prolly a good thing as didn't even get to Hakuba last season They still making d Maden? They are a Mad lookin ski, neva ridden them tho...
  6. Wow, this is big news...any implications? http://www.newschoolers.com/ns3/web/content/news.php?news_id=1138&
  7. Not sure about the Niseko park as haven't bin there for a few years... The safest, best maintained booter I have used and recommend is the bottom kicker at Dyna ...I think FT will agree (or maybe there is sumthing better@Hakuba...)
  8. Yeah, saw that article! Got plenty of space in the papers over here too, as it should
  9. Geeezzz, I hate when I get put under peer pressure ....what to do... I just gotta get some coin in the meantime...
  10. Yeah, that season thing certainly is tempting. 'specially after no days clocked up in Nagano last season.. Creekman you did one in Niseko, a few years ago, right...
  11. Thought u'd love that FT. I might have missed out on that snow last season but I think u'll be sick of seeing me around next...
  12. Come on, they were Kiwis running the show, what more can you expect! Hehehe
  13. Yeah, most of the SA teams were in the crap 7, hehe. We retained Rodzilla, yes Rodzilla is king!
  14. Yeah thats' true! Yeah, back in the Land Downunder. Brazil was excellent 2 months of absolute bliss
  15. Surely the 'canes will win ( I hope so!) Yeah, that is funny about the Japanese winger...I wonder who was the number-cruncher who dug that chestnut up!
  16. No wuckas, yeah I haven't been on here for a while and will have to check the AU ski forums...didn't know the site had them...musta been away too long. Didn't go up alot last season as was saving for my trip to Brazil
  17. I've seen the kids run after him, but I didn't know that was the reason (thought they were the kids@his school)hehe They don't look like his skis either...but prolly gadda new pair...
  18. Dunno whether this has bin posted (I couldn't find it on the search...) But picked up a ski mag here in Oz and saw an article on Hakuba and had one of the awesome shots with Nicks' name labelled to it...wasn't surprised at that...but was wearing no helmet and had googles with iridium lens...anyone who has been skiin with him knows he doesn't ski with that gear...Now who was that man?!
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