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  1. Hah I saw that too. I'm sure it got panned but I enjoyed it too. I like monster special effects. The last bit though, they stumbled onto an Alien film set?!?
  2. Presumably people with accommodation who are 'selling'. I may be being naive, but if I was in that situation I still don't think I'd mislead like that.
  3. Hey SJ, I thought this was better in it's own thread rather than in one of the Giveaways posts but...... how's feedback on the Giveaways? Winners posting reports and photos yet? I have yet to win.
  4. Yes I was tempted to make the trip to Mold but interest waning a bit now. I would have bought some fish and chips and maybe a souvenir key ring and/or t-shirt.
  5. Events would be more interesting if they were naked, like we expect here in Japan.
  6. I have a good solution: If you want to wear a helmet, wear a helmet. If you don't want to wear a helmet, don't wear a helmet. Who can I send this to?
  7. Wot no video?!? Very interesting shots. I see on your main thread on Tenjin that there looks like a few other places that might be ready to go too.
  8. The don't go to Rusutsu line gets more and more hilarious by the day!
  9. Ever though that there might be something to the story? If you saw The Cove, you would know that dolphins get totally stressed out in captivity.
  10. It would seem that it is little to do with tradition, but a lot to do with $$$$.
  11. Sorry recap - is this actually a custom? I've never heard of it and been to a fair few onsen with friends. Are you sure we're talking humans, not monkeys?
  12. Surely for that cost it's not 'fitted' though?
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