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  1. Are you sure it's not written 山なし?
  2. Interesting stuff, would be good to see more. I hope not many people actually made it to Fujiten.
  3. She looks totally different on that photo. In real life, she reminds me a bit of that popular actress Haruka Ayase.
  4. Hold on a sec. If they are 'unreleased', how come you have them? Mate of the studio technician or something?
  5. Being a gaijin, that's a given anyway!
  6. Could murder a bacon sarnie right now.
  7. Hold on, is it a beer or a crapposhu?
  8. Deserted! They should install a "cold bath" next to the onsen for the hot months.
  9. I demand a Super Duper Cool Biz, where we can wear shorts and a t-shirt. And ladies must wear bikinis.
  10. Does Robocop still walk around like he's wearing ski boots?
  11. Do people actually put candles in and light them up?
  12. Can't believe how much cash that Puzzle Dragon thing seems to rake in.
  13. So your students walk around Sapporo with a Scottish accent, Tubby?
  14. Let's face it, with so many people going out and not locking up, but leaving cash in the house, one that is locked up and has obvious security is surely going to be pretty goddam safe. Would be interesting to see some stats on this kind of thing actually.
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