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  1. Whoah.. There's been a lot recently, esp in Chiba it seems.
  2. I am visiting a friend down there starting Friday. Where are you planning on hitting the slopes?
  3. Do you mean this? 大人の知恵 nihonjin friends, anyone?
  4. I've actually spend a month on that very island Nias as well, know a few people there.
  5. Quote: Other unusual injuries included four victims of noise exposure I wonder if they were in Japan at election time? The vans are doing the rounds in my neighbourhood this week. Sensitive issue.
  6. Has anyone seen it? I read it was on recently and is getting pretty bad reviews..........
  7. It would be good if more resorts did the train deals (they may well do, I just don't know about them). We've had a few weekends with 6 of us going up by car and it worked out much cheaper than if we had done it by train, and the added benefit of going where you want when you want of course. Not keen on the train myself.
  8. I'm reading "Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lamott", sent to me by a family member who thought I should read it. It is making for an interesting read (when I'm in a serious mood). Here's what Amazon says: With the trademark wisdom, humor, and honesty that made Anne Lamott's book on faith, Traveling Mercies, a runaway bestseller, Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith is a spiritual antidote to anxiety and despair in increasingly fraught times. The world is a more dangerous place than it was when Lamott's Traveling Mercies was published five years ago. Terrorism and war h
  9. Quote: and I bet there's a lot of people the same I'm afraid you are very probably right there, madnut.
  10. Just at the beginning of the season should I do more maybe
  11. Next race in the sand. I suppose that might make it marginally exciting. Anyway, take Schu out of the equation and its all quite close.
  12. Curious, you mean people wear the same clothes?
  13. All Baddies are British, didn't you know! ( )
  14. Any good recent airport easy readers? I'm off to the US next week and need something for the flight
  15. I heard you can buy a "crown of thorns" and some authentic nails to go along with the movie. Talk about crass. Was Mel behind that too, I wonder?
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