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  1. Lots of price rises from 1st October, so no need to wait until April to spend more for less!
  2. And to think, come tomorrow there'll be many more! (It being October an' all)
  3. Yes lots of owls. My neighbour has a load of that stuff starting in the porch with an umbrella pot and other things lined up on the window. I do like it, even though they go a bit over the top. Does stuff have to come from that town to be labelled this?
  4. I want to get up further north than Zao. That's about how far planning has got though.
  5. It was pretty crappy anyway really. Near the end it was used as a snowboard park kind of thing but that seemed to die too. The last 5+ years has really seen things gradually taper off at Naeba.
  6. GBP was very close to 160 last week. Seems to be gradually climbing.
  7. I might calling on you soon to talk me into justifying spending money on new gear btw.....
  8. What's 'the air drop option', BM?
  9. Yes unfortunately rain seems to make an appearance. Luckily, it doesn't usually last that long.
  10. There's 2 youth hostel types on the listings here: http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/area/niseko-hokkaido
  11. Yes. I'm enjoying bottles recently, at home. Bottles are cool.
  12. Sounds like it would have been better if those details were disclosed earlier! If your 30 year guarantee is voided, it sounds like a no brainer. Good luck.
  13. Zao Onsen as well, big place snow monsters though not much going on other than the daytime skiing (and night time ropeway up to the monsters in peak season).
  14. Interesting. I had not really noticed this change, but now you come to mention it....
  15. The two examples in this topic are pretty weak attempts at keeping people out. It's as if they expect and know people will go.
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