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  1. Good job. Am I imagining it, or have you added weather forecasts for lots more resorts this year?
  2. If you haven't Booked Now already, you are silly aren't you. You can always Book Now for 2014/2015!
  3. I always feel hassled by it but send a minimum out to the older Japanese friends who care about these things, about 10.
  4. Anyone here ever make it to SSAWS? I almost fondly remember it. Better than IKEA anyway!
  5. I love the way you see naturists walking around wearing stuff like hats and gloves but letting all the bits hang out.
  6. Been watching homeland too. And Danes is definitely annoying.
  7. 27th December is two whole months away. Its a bad season if there isn't much snow then. Calm down, enjoy your life for the next two months...would be my advice.
  8. It's a good one that. Thanks for reminding me Tubby, will get some ordered today.
  9. Somehow, I think snowjunky might well have to take his own.
  10. Friend recommended that I dial 0033 before any ketai number from my home phone. Cheaper, it seems. But cheapest? Any words of wisdom on this?
  11. And gear becomes 'last season' as early as March. Perhaps even earlier some places.
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