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  1. Wonder if simple things like eating/drinking/sleeping are uncomfortable for that dude?! What a complete nutter.
  2. Beautiful day in Nagano today, looks like it is in most places and this weekend too.
  3. Nozawa has a fair few lifts closed but I think most of the area is skiable.
  4. Brilliant. Loved reading that. Quote: no bums, small boobs, strolling down the street hand in hand in what could be the start some cheap Asian porn flick I would change "no" to "petite", sounds so much better.
  5. Originally Posted By: bobby12 6 months in India at age 18 time of my life. It was bad for me though, I struggled to fit into uni after that experience (I became dismissive of my peers who had gone straight infrom school). I did similar though I was in Indonesia for 9 months. Loved it. As well as not fitting in as much, I just didn't want to study at all when I got back!
  6. Can someone englighten me on what this means? Does it just mean anything to do with bars/clubs or is it something more shady?
  7. Muse + U2 that would be sweet This is a great photo on the u2 site
  8. So resorts in other countries call their night-time skiing "nighter"?
  9. Perhaps a strange question for an English-speaker, but what is "nighta" in English?
  10. Niseko was the only nighta I have been to that I really enjoyed. I was disappointed with the nighta in Hakuba and also in Yuzawa when I was there. Perhaps I'm just not a nighta person.
  11. Been waiting and will be getting a new notebook in November. Looking forward to it. No idea how much of an install base XP, Vista, 7 or Mac or anything else use and really don't care all that much.
  12. When there's no snow, is that flat? I would presume that there are banks there anyway (not saying it isn't impressive....)
  13. I'm not at that age yet, but I'm in better shape now than I was when I was 20. (Perhaps partly explained by drink and parties!)
  14. I was in Karuizawa over the weekend. Ash on the car yesterday morning.
  15. Will he start in defence or go on attack right from the go? Strikers get better salaries on average, so you must consider that.
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