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  1. Not as major as Arai though really, big ski resort in Niigata.
  2. I'll be mad if its hotter than usual, I'll tell you.
  3. Me, a modest 8. Japan South Korea US UK France Germany Canada Mexico
  4. Let's see how well travelled we all are. Poll, how many countries have you visited?
  5. An education for sure. Now for onehunga's photo of a perfectly groomed skijo!
  6. I don't know what mine is now, other than 'fast enough'
  7. Don't use it then! Do you analyse all products that you buy based on what they are made of, or the number of ingredients included? Quite why people would get worked up about something like that.
  8. I should have known that. In fact I think I might have, but thanks for reminding me.
  9. Is nabe a loose term for anything that gets boiled up in a big bowl like that?
  10. Think of it as time is money, or some other excuse to buy now.
  11. What was with the Coldplay 15-song concert as Closing Ceremony?
  12. If it's DHL Deutsche Post or whatever that set up is - I have had a few things come via them and they have always seem to take longer than normal.
  13. You don't really believe in all the 'coz, I'm a cancerian' stuff.... shurly?!
  14. Good luck mate, and don't eat too much 'kani' on Stage 4
  15. Really pisses me off. Innocent until proved guilty. Should not be even an issue, poor girl. --- Prof John Brewer, a board member of UK Anti-Doping and director of sport at the University of Bedfordshire, said: “The drug testing procedures in place at the London 2012 Olympics are extremely rigorous and the storage of samples for 8 years after the Games makes doping an very high risk strategy. We should not be surprised by exceptional performances since Gold medal winning athletes are inevitably different to the rest of us due to their talent, training and lifestyles. “It's also wort
  16. Is that the base of the resort we can see in the back/top area?
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