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  1. Lifts don't go to the top of the mountain at Happo - yes. Wasn't there some hoohar about that in the run up to the Nagano Olympics?
  2. Another trekkie! I generally go along with it, and it seems to have put me in the good books of a few people that help me out a lot in Japan. I bet I'll get flamed for that.
  3. I've seen them but never smelt one. What do they smell like. Scratch and sniff posting please.
  4. All the Niseko-loving makes me laugh. Yes, a good place, but compared to Whistler and far better than other places in Japan - NOT. - it's small - it's not too challenging - it's mini-Australia - it's hype is tiring (don't you think) Try NAGANO. It's the best! Here ends my small mini-Nagano-thread-but-really-an-ad-post. Tongue-in-cheek, righht folks
  5. You've gotta be kidding right? Comparing them is laughable.
  6. "For your ski life" - about 100 resorts use something like that don't they?
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