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  1. i hear ya too SerreChe/Sakebomb. very sad I think this year is gonna be like no other up there. maybe a good one to give it a miss
  2. Are you sure it wasn`t T.I.S.M. out on the slopes for a bit of `white powder` action
  3. Quote: Id use the trunk thanks yamakashi close but no cigar ya don`t get down off an elephant, ya get down off a goose
  4. Hey nic, I`ve always been of the impression that you should pre-heat the pot and/or cup. thats what i do anyway. recently i was given some Greek tea- not fennel. It`s mostly flowers and stems. (have been thinkin of cuttin `em up and putin`em in me pipe?) drink with slice of lemon and some honey. Bbbuuuuueeewwdddaaful. i nevva put milk in me tea- kinda akin to putin coke in ya whiskey. "and if tha milk turns out to be sour, i aint tha type o` pussy to drink it" the empire was built on tea
  5. have run 4 marathons: 4:43:?? (included a stop at a kiosk for two dim sims and a bucket of chips) 2:48:03 3:08:15 2:59:3? am entered in a 10k. run on dec.4th. and will be doin me best to run a sub 43min. running to me now is just a way to keep fit and keep the aerobic capacity up, so i can enjoy other activities. Runners are a breed unto themselves.
  6. it is sad indeed. i found this article and thought ya might like it: http://www.theage.com.au/news/soccer/a-life-less-ordinary/2005/11/20/1132421546164.html ya live by tha sword, ya die by tha sword. only guy i know (of) who has shagged three consecutive Miss Worlds. if i could do that, i`d happily die at 30!
  7. yeah, there is culture in niseko but it comes disguised in a VB can, usally wants to fight, is rude, obnoxious and has no respect for others ozbc- make sure you`re super-fit when you arrive, keep tha beers to a minimum and you`l hava blast. don`t be put off either when ya stick ya head outside before ya go for a nighta, only to find it lookin` ugly and blowin a gale. conditions are usally completely different up tha hill, and there`s always some nice protected spots in tha trees. GOOD LUCK
  8. Whats hard and hairy on the outside, soft and moist on the in. Starts with a `C`, ends witha `T`. and has got a `U` and an `N` in the middle??? give up?? a coconut
  9. it amazes me that with all these so-called `time saving devices` nobody ever has any free time, or time for each other. how we ever managed without them has got me beat. i mean, how on earth did housewives ever find time to do stuff before tha washing machine, electric iron, microwave, `kitchen-o-matic`, towel warmer, vacum cleana, etc etc were invented i went to dinner the otha nite, and on tha table next to us were a couple (hubby/wife, bfriend/gfriend/sfriend..??), and the entire nite they wouldn`t have said 20 words to each other. rather, they spent the time they weren`t eating on th
  10. mr. wiggs, i disagree. hardly anyone rides nightas up there- compared with how many peeps are at tha resort at any given time. Nightas have been tha highlight of my time up there, (8 years) and i haven`t noticed a real difference in the amount of peeps doin`em. eg: last year i spent 10 days up there, and rode last lifts 8 nights. (1st. nite on the ink, and one night in sapporo) the mountain was virtually deserted. everyones (read, westerners) are too interested in gettin on tha piss, ahh, i mean, experiencing tha culture 150,000 yen??? CRAZY. yet another example of tha greed whi
  11. it certainly was a memorable experience. I was fortunate enough to be staying with some instructors so they had access (read: keys) to a hut on the summit. the hike took less than 30min. the ride down was deff. a buzz. lots of peeps commented on how we were mad bcos we were gonna miss `countdown` to the millenium. but we had our own and didn`t miss any festivities whatsoever. we rode all the way down the mountain and straight to a bar a little after 12:30a.m.- complete in snowboard wear and partied til the wee hours. DJKoo, i recommend a mountain with snow on it ,,, but seriously, if ya
  12. bag of, yes it is. i`m led to believe that there is some sort of connection with a resort by the same name in Vermont. how much of a connection i`m not sure?? same owners? management?... apperently it`s modelled on aforementioned resort. in the `day center` and restaurants you can deff. notice the `american` influence.
  13. Hunter Mt. is an alright place to go for a day. runs are generally not on the long side but there is one top to bottom which may have your legs burning.(it also takes a bit to get to the top) lots of familys go there on weekends, but waiting in lift lines is rare. it gets the goods too. overall its a fun place (deff. not hard core) and if you score some good weather, a beer on the wooden deck is a must. easy to get there. there also have an awesome boarder/skier cross on the last weekend of the season. a season pass there is good value and can be used at the `resort` next door- Eidelwei
  14. yes, have done it, and very recommend!! millenium new years @ Beaver Creek/Colorado. got the last lift to tha top and hiked to a hut. we all took some food and drink. beers, champagne, snacks and a cuppla jays. at midnight we watched tha fireworks from atop and celebrated tha new year. soonafter we rode down with miners lamps straped on. the descent was a bit dodgey- not sure if it was tha conditions or the `substance`. just be sure to take it easy and try and suss out tha course your gonna take beforehand. GREAT experience though if ya get a chance
  15. what about teaching your significant other to `surf/snowboard/skate/ski... or any sport for that matter. Thats gotta rank up there?
  16. :rolleyes:whatever, :rolleyes:whatever, :rolleyes:whatever
  17. Quote: i must be yummy yummy yummy yummy, i got love in my tummy... BITTEN? once bitten, twice shy babe
  18. i make it a general rule to eat only fruit in the a.m. hours. reason being, the body is going through its `elimination cycle`, and fruit aids this. if fruit is part of an evening meal, eg: fruit platter, i always eat it first. i try to avoid eating fruit AFTER a meal bcos the meal doesnt allow the fruit to pass freely. HELLLOOOO indegestion, heartburn, putrification,,, fruit generaly passes through the stomach in afew hours, whereas meats and `complicated` foods can stay in there for 1 or 2 days! any fruit is okay by me (love everythin) but i rarely eat canned fruit
  19. recently finished Di Vinci Code. recently started "On the road", Jack Keroac(sp). so far so good
  20. did mine last night. took all of about 20min. my experience was somewhat different to yours though yama. tha dude called back tha next day with an english version. i told him I`d have it done by last night but i didn`t- not to worry. he said he`d call back this morning and pick it up, so i left it in the `door-box`. this morning at 6 30 i awoke to the sounds of him takin it out. shit meself at first, thought someone was tryin to break in. i was somewhat suprised how `little` info. was required. i rememba doin one in oz and tha q book resembled a novel and took about an hour to complete.
  21. Will be stopping over in Vietnam when i return from oz. this xmas. just wondering if anybody has any good mail. need a place to stay for three nights. flying into Ho Chi Minh jan.5 arvo. any info much appreciated
  22. Yes, very sad indeed. I grew-up on a staple of Maxwell Smart, aka 86. acting skills right up there with tha best of `em. some classic lines to come from the show- Get Smart. would luv ta check some re runs.
  23. i hear ya bender-dude. i went and saw him about this time last year at AGEHA in tokyo and couldn`t help but think tha same thing. but then i realised `exactly` what he was doing and its pretty amazing. he works lap-tops and a cuppla turntables, taking samples from all over the shop. just knowing which ones to sample and which ones will work is fairly amazing. (which proves that men CAN do two things at once ) he was also feeding off tha crowd. ya can`t help but think that he could have pre-recorded tha whole set and no one would know. i dont reckon `live on TV` would do him justice eit
  24. Quote: Whakapapa. Great name as well. ... even better, tha correct(Maori) pronunciation
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