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  1. When tha gate opens (boarderX) i let fly with a loud "WOOOOOOOOOOO"
  2. Quote: Originally posted by Bushpig: damn, you are making me very homesick and nostalgic powwers! Agreed on the bastard seagulls! sorry bushy i hear ya runaway bunny, i hear ya. those things don`t piss me off either. in fact i quite enjoy it. now that i live a little ways from the beach, ie: can`t go there everyday, i really appreciate it when i do get to go.
  3. Quote: Originally posted by DumbStick: Just don't. Sand (or stones). Not into heat. Just not appealing at all. I'd so much rather be climbing up a mountain. i luuuuuuv the feeling of sand between me toes. whenever i get a little homesick thats tha first thing that springs to mind and how much i miss it. i also miss sitting on grass- REAL GRASS at the beach and eating fish and chips whilst looking out on the water. even better if it`s a surf beach and the sun`s goin down and i`m knackered from a few sessions! mind you, i don`t miss tha seagulls tryin ta scab chips off me overall tho
  4. Quote: Originally posted by brit-gob: Any top tips? avoid a hangover... stay drunk hope that helps!
  5. Quote: Originally posted by pie-eater: I'd be interested to know some good examples of "non smelly" food? i`m not so certain there is such a thing as "non smelly" food the key is limiting the amount of time food is inside the body being processed for nutrients, and then ridding itself of the toxins. if you leave meat out on the bench all day it will reek. the body takes anywhere between 24 to 48 hours to process meat so you can imagine the `smells` its producing. ever left milk out?same thing. drop an egg on the driveway on a hot day and go back and smell it in an hour- it`ll bowl y
  6. Tochigi ken Bushy. bout 60 kms. nth. of tha big T. oh, that price was for regular too
  7. yesterdi, 122 yen at a place that does it forya.
  8. Quote: Originally posted by daver: having witnessed a friend wizz in a barrel of peanuts because he couldn't be bothered to get up to go to the toilet... You got some good mates by the sounds of things daver
  9. Quote: Originally posted by nicole: I wouldn't shoot him. I wouldn't shoot anyone (in cold blood). what about if the blood was hot hot hot, or even lukewarm. would you do it then??
  10. they breed `em big in strong in en zed: http://www.theage.com.au/news/world/handbags-at-dawn/2006/05/29/1148754911939.html the female bouncer was overheard saying: "Too much strength work, not enough speed work." after she threw `em out
  11. CRRRASSSICK me jane!! i reckon most of us have been `there` before. interesting the other dudes reaction, or lack thereof!
  12. Quote: Originally posted by Rag-Doll: I'm not sure if this figure is for the winner or the combined total, but something like 67mill people voted! thats more votes than george dubblya got. and i think that answers a lot of questions right there
  13. Quote: Originally posted by Kumapix: mirror checks are essential in winter to make sure there are no boogers hanging out agree totally! i don`t think it`s vanity at all to `check yaself, before ya wreck yaself`. gotta make sure the collar`s sittin pretty and that there`s no nori on ya teeth. what some would call vanity, others would call pride
  14. how about South Park- the movie?? didn`t that hold the record for ef words??
  15. Quote: Originally posted by Toque: Rach change the subject FT is breaking things down too much I don't car about resort Red Mountain is my favorite place to ski I don't care about apres And there are a few bars in Rossland i`d almost go with RED too! scored it real good- 50+ cm dump. has got the steep too! if ya survive tha lead smelter in Trail it also has a few bars. one that i remember is Looney Tunes. it was like somethin out of a movie. bar flies like you wouldn`t believe and every single one of `em had a red neck right though, not really what you`d call a `resort`. for a
  16. thanks all. this is actually the third `J` wedding i`m goin to, so pretty much know the drill. indo, i reckon humor (mine anyway) is wasted on the japanese no chance of me bein taken serious and no cut either, just me and the girl don`t have to pay to go to the 2nd. party. it`s at a wedding `jo`. whole kit-and-kaboodle, ceremony and party, about 100 peeps. NIN `closer` would like to do a j song but its hard enough singin in english!! will probably go with what i know...
  17. HELP PLEASE? have got a wedding coming up on the 20th. two Japanese- full on wedding thing. not tha first time i`ve been to a J wedding, but tha couple in question have asked me to get up at their ceremony and play two/three songs. i can play guitar a bit and they`ve been to a few of my `lives`. anyways, would like some suggestions from fellow SJers as to what songs you think would be fitting. I`ve already penciled in John Lennons` `love`, and tha groom is pretty keen on me playing Coldplays` `Yellow`. (yeah, strange!) i`m also leaning toward a couple of Oasis songs. have all but rul
  18. yeah, most certainly does mina2. and what a fine bunch of talented musicians they are too! drum, bass and piano, with guest appearances by members from the support bands. farquah, totarry agree. that was deff. one of the best gigs i`ve been too. there was such a great vibe in tha crowd. goin for a slash, peeps were `bopping` away and ya could still hear tha music in tha dunny. and it didn`t matter if you were at the front and center, or off to the side sitting on the floor. cos it was no real `show`, either place was cool. and no pushing or shoving- was a treat. either that or i must be g
  19. been there, done that, never again! a mates `mate` and another dude and his gal came and stayed at my place for a week after spending some time in the snow. they wanted to check out tokyo, so i did tha righty and let `em stay. BIG mistake. i had to work so they pretty much were left to fend for themselves. no big deal, tha dudes gal was a J and they had all travelled a bit. without going into detail, they showed little respect and treated my pad like a hotel. while i`m more`n happy to help crew whenever they need it, a little respect wouldn`t have gone astray. upon arriving home from wo
  20. If anyone is interested in getting along to see Jack Johnson tomorrow nights Tokyo show (but somewhere in Chiba) , turns out I have a spare ticket. Not even sure if it`s sold out or not, although in the past, that has been the case. Anyways, if you`re interested, please pm me
  21. very recommend. if you have a chance to go see him, go for it. saw him last time he was here and he was awesome!!
  22. those shows are interesting to say the least. no sophistication whatsoever. those `hosts` just ponce around in over-priced suits and lots of accessories. i got a card yesterday from a student and she said that in tha future she wanted to be a `Grand Hostess` or an English teacher. bit of a difference hey
  23. yes, very impressive quattro- very impressive! there are quite a few on you list that i would love to (have) see (seen). showing your age a bit though...
  24. all this talk is getting me interested again... yeah, insurance is also mandatory, so be sure to check that your covered. (think insurance has been done in another thread?) some races i`ve entered were JSA (Japan Snowboard Association) events so i had to join & they offer insurance. kinda funny story, the only time i`ve had to claim insurance in japan for snow related stuff was when i fractured me hip. BUT i didn`t do it in a race. i actually lost in the 1st. round and went straight to the terrain park. landed a jump awkward and hey presto... fractured hip. re board: ya 160 khybe
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