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  1. Did I see you guys at the top of the ski out from the north face off Happo after the creek crossing? the first 2 dudes have pontoons, then there was a blonde chick and another guy with long hair on a pair of Volkls?
  2. that isn't my jacket, and that isn't me. All the photos except 1 are the dudes I was riding with...
  3. Surely the first one is a contender for photo of the millenium?
  4. FT, I got back with no worries, didn't have to work which was sweet, I was so stuffed when the train got in, didn't sleep much on the plane. Great to stay and hang! Will no doubt be back next year. Good to meet you too Kuma, the neck is feeling much better, think it was just a mild strain. The pressure of having that massive camera of yours pointed at me was obviously too much for my ego to handle Hope you got some good pics with that little Jap chick. Have been mucking around with photos on this Picassa program, I'm thinking of going pro, HA, will put some up soon. As
  5. Dude, hope the knee improves fast and strong. Just back to Sydney, tired. Laundry is boring.
  6. The snow was good! That nice photo with the sun in the background was Andrew. Just back from Rappies, bought myself the Pieps Freeride, and got probe, all set now! diggidy. All the good access lifts are on wind hold today, the snow on the car was extremely crunchy and hard this morning, so lower mountain is probably plumbers arse.
  7. Dude, those pontoons are off the hinges, so quick in the pow. Would like to try a pair 10cm shorter in the trees when it's tight. Have to say, when the trees open up though, they rock my world! What do you reckon today, we're thinking just head back to 47.. not much snow overnight, so hopefully the pack's still stable with only a bit of sloughing?
  8. Curt, I don't read or speak Japanese, those maps are all in Japanese as far as I can see. I appreciate the advice to use my brain. I've had a look online and been unsuccessful, anyone else know of any road maps for Japan in English online which would make planning my trip easier? Cheers, Hugh.
  9. Hmm, no dice there.. In Aus I use google maps, however the japan version is all in Japanese, so no use for me.. hmm.
  10. I'm flying into Osaka, then getting the train to Toyama where I will collect a car. I need to drive from Toyama to Hakuba, however I'm not familiar with the roads. Have so far been unsuccesful finding English road maps for Japan. Will check out those links, thanks
  11. Alternatively if anyone in Toyama needs a lift to Hakuba on Saturday late morning and is willing to share fuel..
  12. Ok, so I don't read Japanese (apart from basic), is there anywhere that has english instructions for getting around Japan by car?
  13. i just tried in the kitchen.. not pretty. I reckon I might have been up to the challenge when I was doing seasons, I used to be able to stand up after a fall on my skis no probs without stocks.. these days it's a bit more dodgy tho.
  14. Anyone do these for pre-ski training? I can't get back up once I'm all the way down. Would be solid leg strength to be able to do them properly.
  15. Dude, I think the trains leave from Shin Osaka station, so you should try to get a hotel around there if you're planning on heading to Hakuba the next day. From my research the best train to get leaves a little after 6am. You change trains at Nagoya, and then again at Matsumoto to get the train to Hakuba. Best to be close to the station if you hvae to leave that early. It's about 110000 yen one way. I'm arriving on 22nd at 8pm, will have to find a hotel too, haven't looked yet, please let me know if you can what you find.. Cheers, J.
  16. Have been offered another option. My Uncle and Aunt live in Toyama, they said we can borrow one of their cars, and that there's a direct train service between Osaka and Takaoka/Toyama. This might be the best option, would be great to have transport around Hakuba for the time we're there too.. looks like there's some snow coming in this week.
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