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  1. Why does Friday need to be my meeting day.
  2. Sounds like that might be expected.
  3. Be aware there's no train from Yamagata to Zao. It's bus time.
  4. What do you do in response to the 'I can't or won't understand you' look that sometimes a gaijin gets here in Japan. You probably know the one. The one where you go into a shop and confront a petrified not-too-bright shop person, speak some understandable Japanese clearly*, and they look at you as if you just spoke Klingon. Refusing to accept that they can understand what you say. Really annoys me and yesterday I got quite irritated by this guy who was resorting to the nervous laugh and bowing to apologies for pretty much everything. Grrrr. Anyone got a good way to deal with t
  5. Wonder how many of them were actually written seriously, and not just in a playful Top Tips kind of way.
  6. GT developers while certainly very talented give the impression of being stuck up their own bottom.
  7. Love the fact that that bus is '10 bucks' for the season. You'd think they could have taken a bit more and still be way cheap!
  8. I went and did it http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/topic/23184-buildings-that-are-wasting-away/
  9. Anyone know what the laws are concerning buildings from another era that are just wasting away and getting into disrepair. There's so many round where I live. They look awful. You'd think they posed safety issues, with broken glass and weaker structures etc. How come they stay up and aren't brought down?
  10. There's still the 'remains' of a few of the noisy kind around where I live. They do look very out of place. Always wondered what the laws are regarding buildings that are finished and falling into disrepair. Actually sounds like a thread.
  11. Airdrop allows you to send files to another ios users through bluetooth. If for example you open a picture, click on the share option and it will come up. Hey didn't know about that. Will have to check. Generally though I like it. The previous one was getting a bit old.
  12. I'd be mad well chuffed with that in yen, never mind GBP.
  13. This was posted by rach in the Important news thread, think it's brilliant: Cold-call victim gets his own back Leeds man sets up personal 0871 telephone number and makes 10p a minute from businesses and cold callers Cold-call victim Lee Beaumont has taken revenge on his telephone tormentors by turning his home number into an 0871 premium rate line – and has so far made more than £300 from the calls he has received. Beaumont, 25, was getting fed up about the number of nuisance calls he was receiving, particularly those offering to help him claim for mis-sold payment protection
  14. Is the Japanese for both くるみ?
  15. Hakuba 47: 36 (-) Hakuba Goryu: 17 (+) We might not ever get it done
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