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  1. They're a bit like monkeys though aren't they. A lot, actually.
  2. Annoying but you can't do anything with the takyubin guy coz they're just bringing it, and it's nothing to do with them. They just won't give it you if you don't pay up.
  3. I think Yuzawa is great, especially when the snow is in top condition. So many places to choose from and close-by. And so close to Tokyo as well.
  4. At least he went doing what he loves, though obviously way too early.
  5. It would be better it if were a Limited Special Edition!
  6. It seems obvious to me why it is headline news.
  7. At least with a skijo you can ski/board down quick to escape. Maybe.
  8. To be fair though, that was an extremely good deal... for him!
  9. Wonder if they lived to enjoy the wealth?
  10. But surely we all want to do what we can to support Abenomics? That's the bottom line!
  11. Not specifically iphone but I don't really understand this sim free thing. Can someone explain it simply for a dunce like me?
  12. Why can't you sign in? I had that once, seems it was down for everyone for a short while.
  13. I did some of that over the weekend. Survived and enjoyed it.
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