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  1. One guy was caught with weed. The other guy got brought in because they are brothers. The laws in Japan are strict you break them and the hammer falls hard. Is it scandal free heck no but this is Japan it is not a western country. You know the risks if you do this.
  2. Tokyu is maybe one of the worst run companies in the world. If it was in any other G8 country it would have been taken over long ago. They have zero capital but they do nothing to raise it. I would love to see that company just roll over and die!
  3. You can get prepaid phone at most 7-11s. You might need someone to sign you up.
  4. It is a bylaw thing. They dont want to become a high rise heaven
  5. A phone in the BC makes sense. For BC phones Docomo is still the best.
  6. Calling you is frustrating to say the least.
  7. It is almost impossible to subdivide something. You must own the whole thing.
  8. the coverage will be in and out. If you hit up a small onsen place you wont get much coverage. If you hit up hakuba yuzawa etc then yeah no problem.
  9. Obama cant swing away he needs Hillary to do it. Lets see if Hillary will let loose after Gustov is out of the way.
  10. You cant empower the same party for 60 years and not have corruption. Japan needs a power shift to the center left.
  11. Foreclosures are hard to secure because they go to various auctions. Houses here are about 170000 US to 350000 US$ depending on location. Because Hakuba doesn't make apartments, the net isn't flooded with information. In all seriousness when you see the flashiest ads for potential properties, they are usually apartments. A good house sells itself an apartment needs to sell the image and easiness of life. Most major property builders in Niseko are able to turn a profit before they build anything. They sell many of the units and secure the financing. This is what usual resort hotels d
  12. anyone who thinks the ldp is good is in lala land. koizumi was a nut who kept the ldp in power. Without him maybe we wouldve had a change
  13. aaaa ssss oooooohhh ASO be the next dingbat leader of the ldp
  14. I depends on your Vegan. I know plenty that eat fish. It is economics which you arent factoring into your theory. Farmings biggest bread winner at the moment is corn. IF you are a farmer being forced out the meat industry what would you plant. I sure as heck would plant corn. The soy bean price has risen because farmers are moving to corn. corn production is increasing to produce mostly fuel not food. http://www.progressivefarmer.com/tabid/1212/Default.aspx A good read on where farming is going. better to grow your own food at the moment. If you are growing your own food then your c
  15. All you will end up doing is forcing farmers to plant corn into crappy fields for ethanol. Going only vegan isn't going to work. The ocean is dying as well so why eat fish?
  16. China will back Russia in the end or just stay out of it. They have already given lukewarm assurances. China also needs oil and keeping Russia happy is important. America is a superpower with rapidly declining resources. Russia is a super power that finally has the money to tap the resources it has.
  17. You arent going to change people into Veagens Oyuki, the more you hound the less people listen. Veagens tend to be all high and mighty about their choices. Japanese people eat a very limited amount of beef anyways and Im not going to eat Tofu for the rest of my life.
  18. I love it. When you are working you always know the time 6am wake up 10am break 12 pm lunch 3pm break 6pm going home Small towns wont change this as the system is also used for public awareness announcements.
  19. I must admit my carbon footprint aint great but... If you cut out my work driving then I dont produce much carbon. I grow my own vegies, Ride a bike to the corner store and etc. The amount of red meat I eat is limited to about 1 time a month. I much prefer chicken or pork too be honest.
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