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  1. What are accommodations doing right now re: overseas guests. Offering free cancellations up until late year if you book or something? Can we wake up from this soon?
  2. What a really great idea! I'm going to enjoy going through all that. Thanks for putting it together. I'd love to see photos from way back when these places were open. Or even from places that are still open, of course. (Realise that would probably be very difficult).
  3. TheOrange

    Looking beyond Hokkaido... (towards Nagano)

    PeatGround Welcome. Let us know what you loved about Hokkaido and bits you maybe didn't. That will help! I'm sure you'll love Nagano, it's a great region.
  4. TheOrange

    SSAWS (Chiba)

    Blast from the past! I wish I had made it there. Obviously, real snow on real mountains wins out but if you live over there. That one in Dubai looks nuts.
  5. By Minakami, I mean the tourism office or whatever - they seem to include Naeba in their reports of the ski resorts. Naeba is in Yuzawa, right? Why not include Kagura or GALA or others in Yuzawa? It comes over as being kind of misleading. Not going to lose sleep over it, I'm just curious!
  6. TheOrange

    Trying to lose weight SUCKS

    Lost quite a few kg but after nearly 2 months of trying hard.............. I'm getting really fed up of trying now. You get that that point, ne.
  7. TheOrange

    Trying to lose weight SUCKS

    Been doing well. BUT. Big party last night and I could not resist the beer and food on offer. Feel like I've stepped back a week with just one evening!
  8. TheOrange

    Trying to lose weight SUCKS

    Crash, ippy?
  9. TheOrange

    Trying to lose weight SUCKS

    It does take a lot of will power to keep it going. Gambatte!
  10. TheOrange

    Summer Flight Watch 2014

    Well been enjoying the summer, but feeling a bit..... "full" of it.
  11. Glad we're all talking yen!
  12. TheOrange

    Summer Flight Watch 2014

    Somewhere in the middle would be best!
  13. TheOrange

    2014- the year of jogging

    Few more rides for me before I am out of here for the summer. Feel good but don't seem to have visibily slimmed down that much.
  14. TheOrange

    Summer Flight Watch 2014

    Out of Japan on Monday for 3+ weeks. Really looking forward to it. Didn't slim down anywhere near as much as I wanted to, oh well.
  15. TheOrange


    Mine gets changed usually when I go out of the country. New one when I come back. Just seems to work out that way. Usually twice a year. Doesn't seem to be bad condition even so.
  16. TheOrange

    World Cup

    For the footie fans out there, as good as the WC has been so far (right?) is it safe to say that all 4 teams that are in the semis are nowhere near "the best" those teams have been in the past?
  17. TheOrange


    Joking, right?
  18. TheOrange

    2014- the year of jogging

    Went on an 80km ride yesterday, was great. A good long soak in the bath with a beer at the end of the day. Great stuff.
  19. TheOrange

    2014- the year of jogging

    Back on the bike myself. I couldn't keep up with the jogging. Make my knees complain too much. Doing 30km or so 4-5 times a week, so not doing too bad. Though not slimming as much as I'd like.
  20. TheOrange

    2014- the year of jogging

    Wow. Are you... a farmer?
  21. TheOrange

    Beer 2014

    Sapporo are stopping making that goddawful ZERO thing in the blue can. Thank the Lord!!
  22. Friend has it and was round there last night, 4 of us. Nothing mad new but it was a blast.
  23. TheOrange

    Good movies you've seen recently

    Actually, the Jude Law rule applies to most movies!
  24. TheOrange

    Good movies you've seen recently

    Just avoid the recent ones with Jude Law in them!
  25. TheOrange

    2014- the year of jogging

    This warmer weather has actually got me out more. Not keen on putting layers on to go out in an evening, much easier to if it's t-shirt and shorts.


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