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  1. Well good or bad he had a point. If I remember correctly the Manchester bid was hardly the most impressive ever. (Manchester got the commonwealth games a few years ago didn't it?) Coe a complete knob? Well, for a complete knob, he sure has done a pretty excellent job in the last few.
  2. I saw an interview with Beckham before the Olympic vote where he said "I want the Olympics to come from where I come from, er, in London. Please". It was a dynamic passionate speech and surely what brought the Olympics to London.
  3. I was wondering that apart from the obvious ones. I know a lady (she's a teacher) who refuses to eat garlic on a day before work. Even 1 gyoza is a no-go for her.
  4. Another list thing, this time top 50 brewers http://money.cnn.com/2005/06/24/pf/goodlife/best_beer/index.htm?cnn=yes AleSmith Brewing Co. ? USA, Belgium,....
  5. I never knew soccer players were so quotable!
  6. Is spring and the end of the season the time when there is most danger from avalanches?
  7. Wow that was a surprise. Quote: You have to set your filters very carefully... I do.
  8. Theres been a few times in the last few months when "real" (ie not spam) mail got filtered as spam and I did not get it - causing problems. I read somewhere it is a growing problem as well. I try to keep all my filters etc as up to date and as well planned as possible, but there are times when people have sent me a mail and it just gets lost. Has anyone else seen this problem?
  9. Good point Markie.... its easy to look back and think how simple things are now but when you're first here things are different.
  10. This year is real bad. I'm wearing a mask today, I don't care how stupid it looks it is better than how I was yesterday (a complete mess).
  11. I like the bank book as well (apart from the cartoons), it just replaces a regular statement every month. It's handy when you've spent a lot before payday and need to work things out.
  12. That display looks incredible. I just wanted to say that.
  13. They get taken down and quickly replaced by the new year decorations that they have here....
  14. Power of million atomic bombs? http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/science/12/27/quake.seismic.ap/index.html
  15. Because of the weekends - 10 straight days off.
  16. Not something for the movie theater for me - more like home video/dvd - but very intetresting all the same. Not sure about when it is/was out in Japan./
  17. Well. I got me one of those modern ones and I use a few of the features Might as well if you have it.
  18. I saw that on CNN. The excuse was "the bad started the wrong song". Was that Jude Law introducing here?
  19. At work once they had over 25,000 junk mails lined up one morning.
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