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  1. OK I got some junk mail just now and: a) there was no link in it it was plain text c) there was no mention of a company etc. d) there was no attachment. So.... what possible use could that be? I can understand if there are links and stuff, but with this I just can't understand the purpose. Is there one?
  2. I used to really love that. Not heard it for ages though. I think they rereleased a remastered souped up version of it last year.
  3. Once or twice when I was younger, I got into some fights........ I wonder where that person went.
  4. That place looks awesome, I really have to make it there some time.
  5. Apparently it is not true. (Until it is confirmed to be true of course)
  6. Does anyone have this software on their computer? Run well or not? Heard so many conflicting reports about it.
  7. Theres a lot of that - even the obasans are drinking sake.
  8. Officially about 38000 yen I think, but you can get them a few thou cheaper than that.
  9. I love silk. I'm into it in a big way. It really turns me on. I can't concentrate if I'm wearing silk..
  10. Hardly heard a thing about Saddam for ages. Looks like his trial starts soon http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/4354622.stm Saddam Hussein is in good spirits on the eve of his trial in Baghdad, his lawyer is reported as saying. The former Iraqi leader will be led into court on Wednesday with seven associates, charged with ordering the killing of 143 Shia men in 1982.
  11. I got one that had the subject line "I am going to sue you" They didn't.
  12. Perhaps you are not getting the point. Current elementary school teachers will have to teach English - whether they (currently) are able to or not. It's causing quite the fuss.
  13. If it's a nice big bottle I won't take it. But if it's a small sachet of shampoo and the like - that is something I would take no problems. Quote: As for the shower gel etc..., meant to be used on the spot, not to be stocked-up and taken away to be used at home. Used in the hotel or taken home - does it make any difference to the hotel?? Not sure I can see any difference there. Bottom line is surely the hotel expects it to be gone in most cases.
  14. Interesting I wonder if this counts, mag 6.2 http://www.jma.go.jp/jp/quake/15192300391.html Wheres the epicenter of that one? 千島列島
  15. Quote: What, panicking about having to teach kids? Panicking about having to teach something you have no qualifications to teach or experience. Like most elementary school teachers.
  16. I like the one by The Bravery. The Killers as well. Lots of "The"s around right now.
  17. I see that in just over 2 years, eigo lessons will start in all Japans elementaty schools. I bet there's a lot of teachers in a panic at the thought right now (I know a few here).
  18. I just come back late to try and avoid all this. I hate traffic queues..... and ones on expressways where you're actually paying at the worst of the lot!
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