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  1. Yes really cooled down now BagOfCrisps and chilly at times*. (* not.)
  2. Wall-E ---- brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. (I liked it).
  3. The 24 people in the world who are still on 800pix a) need to join the 00's and get a new display or change the settings will get problems and issues on a LOT of websites Looks just fine.
  4. Don't worry about Terry, he's all ok now
  5. Watch out for the ship! Be careful!
  6. The Beckhams have left Heathrow to fly out to the US. It's on BBC and CNN. The boys are all wearing the same shirts. Any other top news out today?
  7. Thank you. I wasn't quite as happy as I am now when I found out actually. It wasn't planned and the timing is not the best, but we are now getting used to the idea.
  8. Cute litte ones! Recently found out I'll be a father in autumn as well
  9. New Linkin Park album is good. Surprisingly light on the angst and rapping and more of the melody. I like it.
  10. Quote: Its funny how some Japanese get upset with the Aussies at Niseko Do they? I hadn't heard much on that.
  11. Not as good as last year is the general opinion I think. Having said that I don't think last year the singers were that much better - maybe the characters?
  12. I've not heard of renting tvs here. Lots of dress up occasion clothes are rented.
  13. I Know It's Over - used to really love that song... got me through a breakup believe it or not.
  14. I use my keitai phone right now, takes decent pictures.
  15. How about the "smelly phone"? Not sure if this is a joke, but.... "The company is also releasing mobile phone, which has smell quality and ability to send different smells between users of the phone through the air. The company has already launched the mobile phone for Sony Ericsson, named SO703i, “aroma phone”, which incorporates smell-scented sheets into the phone."
  16. I'm trying to lose a bit of weight now apart from a short lapse last night and eating a lot of yoghurt. Theres a really excellent strawberry one at our local big supermarket - I could eat 5 of them a day. They have a good selection there was well so I'm really into yoghurt at the mo
  17. Went to Mos last night. I couldn't tell that much of a difference but I do think they were nicer before. The old ones are gone now anyway, unless they do a Coke Classic kind of reversal and bring them back because of demand. It would be interesting to know if this move turns out to be a success or not.
  18. Hey what is that sushi facing a certain way thing from then? I have never heard of that one. I know about sleeping in a certain direction..
  19. A Fish Called Wanda, hadn't seen it since it was first released and enjoyed it more than I remembered.
  20. I agree it's a fantastic song. Yeah right. Totally planned just to get his name in front of millions. Did anyone here phone up angrily to compain?
  21. For those who don't want to click to find out what is is about: TOKYO — A woman was arrested Wednesday in the case of a man's mutilated body parts found in December in Tokyo's Shinjuku and Shibuya wards and has been identified as the man's wife, the Metropolitan Police Department said.
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