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  1. Recently at the bottom corner of my computer LCD screen there's some black marks - seem to be getting bigger. I can't recall every hitting it there or anything... just a sign of it being on it's last legs perhaps?
  2. Lots of talk of LED lights now - seem to be expensive but use up much less and last much longer. Anyone using them? Do you just stick them into the current light fixings no worries?
  3. I have no problems visiting Japan again. Now that I am not there. I can understand why people who have never been, don't know it, don't know anyone in Japan etc might choose somewhere else while all this goes on. But for me, I don't have a problem. And I'll do my best to talk other people who might be worried into dropping those worries.
  4. Anyone else getting tons of "date Russian women" type spam? Last few days got literally hundreds!
  5. Yes simply about money Quote: If Flash were available on the iPad, users could watch TV shows on Hulu for free instead of buying them through iTunes. Likewise, users could play some of the hundreds of Flash games on sites like Miniclip, instead of buying games through the App Store, on which Apple takes a 30% cut of every sale. “Apple has eliminated any way to get content on the device that they don’t own,†says Ludwig. “Apple is keeping the device closed to protect their revenue streams.†Ludwig notes that other companies’ technologies that could be used to serve con
  6. This really is it Michael Jackson estate signs biggest recording deal in history $250m deal gives Sony rights to 10 new recordings, back catalogue and franchising
  7. How about an automated response that says something like "sorry we can't ask specific questions....." and "we'll get back to you if it isn't one of them".
  8. Deal or no deal. How about Goldenballs? That last round is just laughable "I've got a feeling about that one there". Another pot luck no skill load of balls.
  9. They might just end up mid-table or somewhere else on the table, thursday...
  10. What else is there to uncover I wonder? Surely checking whether the kid was hers or not would be quite an easy thing to find out.
  11. Are there any white people left in the UK? (Am I allowed to ask that?)
  12. And chop his head off. (Sorry, this thread is pehraps being too useful).
  13. Evil smirking sad man. is his song still used in basketball (baseball?) in the states?
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