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  1. The Cult still making new sounds? Used to love them, Electric rocked.
  2. 100+ seems like a wild idea to be as well as an expensive one, but I'd sure like to be able to get out more than I do.
  3. Probably for me middle of December up at perhaps Kagura. How's about you and your targeted first time of the season?
  4. Thanks folks. Actually wanted about 125cm and the ones you mentioned sound really good muika. Found them online too so might go for that.
  5. OK so my poles are in a bit of a bad shape and thinking of getting some but having trouble finding any more than 120cm. Seems to be the max size here but I'd ideally like 130cm. Don't suppose it would make much difference really as I don't particurly 'use them' as such haha. What were they invented for again?
  6. Surely Hokkaido at it's finest is after a 100cm dump of fresh powder?
  7. Got addicted to The Wire the last few weeks. On the 2nd season already.
  8. I plan to spend 5 days in the Yuzawa area and then after that no firm plans. Will follow the snow and my work holidays, try to get quite a few Mondays or Fridays off to give me some long weekends.
  9. That would freak me out. Does food really taste fresher with literally seconds difference?
  10. Evil Knievel! My older brother used to have that one, used to love playing with it. That brought back some memories!
  11. What is it about unagi and summer? Or is it just a tradition?
  12. I like the Foo Fighters. Not the best band in the world, but they rock.
  13. And I bet when they come they are only at the race course for a few days at most anyway. Pussies.
  14. OK turned out good as I found a very nice new very large screen last weekend. Not expensive either. Looks great. All that screen space!
  15. Anyone else had a major headache with soundcards? Mine is a Soundblaster something or other (a name that doesn't seem to be exactly like any of the hundreds mentioned on the soundblaster website) and I am having some real problems setting my 5.1 speakers up after a re-install of my PC. Spent hours last night messing around with things and still getting nowhere. Website help pages are close to useless as well. Arrggggghhhh!
  16. Hmmm spoke too soon, spreading again. Time to see what they have in the shops I think.
  17. Which version did you watch Tubby? There seems to be about 5 out there.
  18. Like you, seems to have stopped. I can live with it as it is I suppose. It's my 'second screen'.
  19. Thanks. Actually it has got worse since this morning. An area about 5cmx5cm now on the edge. Looks like I will be needing to buy a new one.
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