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  1. When you 'buy a new house' what gets included with stuff like this, lighting etc? Is it just basic stuff and basically if you want to change it you pay any extra?
  2. Never enough so get 100! My kitchen has a measly 2 that are not used. The living room as 4. Bit of a joke really. Those extension things with multiple sockets added everywhere!
  3. Calendar for me too. Going to do something interesting for the second longer bit.
  4. Actually I suppose you can't get over there from Mitsumata side without the main quad.
  5. Too good to miss out on now, got some changed.
  6. Thought I was imagining it this morning when it said Hakuba 47 was open with 30cm of snow! Glad that it got sorted quickly.
  7. Why can't people use the much more appropriate "suzushii"?
  8. I'm in for almost any kind of cheese. Maybe not that one that has the maggots in it!
  9. New bread shop near where I live. They do an amazing variation on the cheese-onion-ham-mayonnaise bread thing. Went and bought 6 yesterday, they'll all have gone by the end of the day!
  10. I'm kind of curious as to how they are fair. After all, people have different things going on. And why was that guy with the non-real legs allowed in the main Olympics?
  11. I love fudge. But find it hard to tell Japanese people actually what it is!
  12. I've been using a Mac for fun the last year or so. I like it. While I like the track pad thing, I still use a mouse and don't want to do without that.
  13. Good point about the product. And not just an Aussie thing either.
  14. I'm always so glad to get off a plane. Dirty, dirty, dirty, horrible, disgusting places. They do serve a purpose I suppose.
  15. I don't like heat so June-August is definitely the worst part of the year. Great when It starts cooling down after summer.
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