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  1. Rent. I have a crappy small aparto about 15 minutes from the city and it costs me 55000 yen a month (and is considered cheap!)
  2. Like "Do you have any happy foods in your country"? Do you find there are some questions posed by Japanese to you that you just can't answer well. Or is it just me?
  3. My Japanese friends were telling me yesterday that a certain fish is considered to be a "happy food" - ie you eat it when you are happy. I was asked about my country, and "do you have happy food in your country". And suddenly I couldn't answer. Anyone help out -happy foods, anyone?
  4. Chemistry, the Musumes, and Jap-attitude-rap will once again rule.
  5. Pretty normal Japanese big industrial city. I have some friends there and often go, good bars and restaurants we know.
  6. This forum almost seems like chat the way posts arrive every day.
  7. Hey thanks for answering, keep them coming. Anyone else here near Osaka, sure there must be
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