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  1. zebedee

    What are you reading?

    Don't ask me why, but...... A good read actually
  2. zebedee

    Silly BBC

    They had in on a Japanese wide-show this week. Funny it was, he seemed quite funny and was playing along with it. They even offered to have him on the program again
  3. zebedee

    TV vs movies

    I've been bored with movies as well recently. Action flicks no longer interest me, things I like best are older more intelligent (for want of a better word) thriller types. Some tv shows now are excellent - 24, Lost and the like. Anyone seen Prison Break? heard good things about that one Having said that, I'm looking forward to the new Superman movie but am bracing to be disappointed.
  4. zebedee

    Japan "earthquake map"

    It has been rather quiet on the earthquake front of late hasn't it..... is that a bad thing?
  5. zebedee

    Best spam subject line

    I am getting a lot of Japanese spam these days, it has really increased recently.
  6. zebedee

    I love bad movies

    A bad one I saw recently (and did not love) was Soul Plane (Official) Plot outline: "Things get raucously funny aboard the maiden flight of a black-owned airline, thanks to some last-minute passenger additions." User comments: "Trash not worthy of a single frame of celluloid"
  7. I wish I was. Have a good time
  8. Aiko would definitely win on the kawaii points. Just now this thread was being viewed by Quote: Kumapix, Goemon, Markie, klingon, Sanno, and 231 guests.
  9. That looks great. I wish my timing was good with the weather like that.
  10. Definitely, they won't believe some of them. "I bet they're photoshopped" will be one reaction
  11. I only ever see public telephones in stations now, there really are less and less I feel. And in snow of course.
  12. Cy, short for Cyclopes, a kitten born with only one eye and no nose, is shown in this photo provided by its owner in Redmond, Oregon, on Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2005. The kitten, a ragdoll breed, which died after living for one day, was one of two in the litter. Its sibling was born normal and healthy.
  13. zebedee


    AP Photo, on yahoo.... don't know if they just post anything or not I presume they don't.
  14. zebedee


    No. I love boots but high heels are not the best.
  15. zebedee

    Bill vs Dave

    I was hoping for a more explosive Bill there - but fun to see the arrogant git once more.
  16. zebedee

    Bill vs Dave

    I was hoping for a more explosive Bill there - but fun to see the arrogant git once more.
  17. zebedee

    Good movies you've seen recently

    Broken Flowers with Bill Murray. "Sayuri" this week
  18. Recently I've not been using my keitai much at all. I was taking it on holidays and days out and ending up talking work.... no good. So I just dont take it with me a lot now.
  19. zebedee

    Memoirs of a Geisha

    Yeah I liked the book as well, looking forward to seeing this.
  20. I love having all my music together in one place, its an awesome idea. I remember thinking how cool it was to be able to listen to 1 CD on the go with discman. About 5500 songs on mine.
  21. zebedee

    More UK men paying for sex

    From what I saw on a night out in the UK, I thought it would be more reasonable to ask them to pay to have sex with me.
  22. I didn't know until just now when someone here at work asked me what I was planning to do! Odd question I thought until she told me! That is good news.
  23. zebedee

    Bad album covers

    Pooh-Man?! Is that what he's looking for?
  24. zebedee

    Thinking of buying an iPod

    Same here Ski - totally useless it is. 10 minutes you get? more than me probably!


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