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  1. zebedee

    Wii vs PS3 vs Xbox360

    I have been playing the Litte Big Planet beta as well. Looks like it is going to be a brilliant game. A lot of fun and quite unique.
  2. zebedee

    Fukuda just resigned

    She was. Looks like that Aso bloke is the one to get it. Is that Ishida guy the son of our favorite Tokyo gov. Ishida? (As extreme as him I wonder?)
  3. Second hand info, but a friend of mine works for a company that had a listing on there before and said they got a lot of response and found someone pretty quickly.
  4. How do you pronounce that?! I went to Sapporo once. Nice city.
  5. The main nightlife in Hakuba is in the Echoland road.
  6. The snow there is often surprisingly good. For some reason it gets good quality, which might not seem obvious given its location to the north of Chiba. Some of my Japanese friends go 5 or 6 times a season from Tokyo.
  7. Friend up in northern Hokkaido, 30 minutes drive from the nearest large village. Very remote up there from the looks of things, not too many mountains either which surprised me.
  8. zebedee

    Dr Who

    2 and 3 better than 1. I thought Torchwood was pretty good, liked that. The next one should be better as well. Davros boxset sounds ace.
  9. zebedee

    What are you reading?

    The God Delusion Richard Dawkins basically saying the belief system is rubbish and a delusion. Interesting.
  10. zebedee

    Good movies you've seen recently

    Rambo. Surprisingly good.
  11. zebedee


    Anyone here use ETC on the expressways? Do you end up saving? I want to know if it is worth getting it (from others people on here experience) for my car. Thanks
  12. I had a great time going up there. It wasn't actually too busy on the day we went - the forecast was for not the best weather I think that was the reason but it turned out to be glorious. Great views from the top and nice and cool from the summer sweaty weather down below. I'm glad I did it.
  13. I think Rusustsu is not too far away on the other side of Yotei. That would surely be one day.
  14. zebedee

    Wii vs PS3 vs Xbox360

    Good for you. Still can't buy them here, always sold out. PS3s all over the place. Are there any decent new Wii games in the last few months?
  15. zebedee

    Future movies

    28 Days Later was really good, I enjoyed that. Guess what? There's a sequel, 28 Weeks Later. http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox_atomic/28weekslater/
  16. Thats too bad to hear. What a poor season it has been. I'm done for the season I think with a maginificent, well, I'm not going to say. Very small number. Oh well, next one will be GOOD.
  17. Well worth it. This year I hear things weren't as good as usual but when I went it was really great.
  18. zebedee

    Future movies

    Inland Empire, the new David Lynch. David Lynch, nuff said.
  19. I was up there this last week and had a good time. I'll post more in the coming week.
  20. Quote: What do you reckon is driving this story and the crews to Hakuba? Previous coverage by other channels. Yawn.
  21. zebedee

    Best spam subject line

    Just got one: Which shagging in prey
  22. "There were 12 - twelve! the main reporters + the talent and commentators - people lined up in front of their desks and all standing there looking very proper with their hands in front of them" Similar to that one. Ads where more than a few people say the catchline all at the same time. Often accommpanied by a clenching of fist or some other naff looking action representing the gambaru spirit.
  23. Region free DVD player. What a godsend, and dvds from the US are so cheap.


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