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  1. zebedee

    What are you reading?

    I think reading foreign language books is really good for your understanding of the intricacies of the language.I certainly can't do it. But one of my boys does, and you can see the improvement in competence and confidence. I just read Beautiful - Katie Piper. 24hrs, done. Incredible story. Just starting that
  2. zebedee

    Important news of the day thread

    Kills it? Is it alive?
  3. zebedee

    Things we really need

    Where would you go in a time machine?
  4. zebedee

    Good movies you've seen recently

    The Muppets was brilliant.
  5. BTW, how does that Prince compare with the somewhat ahem old-style of Naeba?
  6. Looks like they are calling it as an aftershock of 3-11
  7. Cheers guys, the photo on this topic doesn't do them justice. How waterproof are they?
  8. Had a good mess about with it today, it's a fantastic idea. Very very interesting. Light years ahead of a simple search. Nice. But.... Where are the banner ads? Don't know how you do it!
  9. I am taking nearly 3 weeks off last week of January and first two weeks of February. The egg has been laid and the master plan will be hatched later in the year. :happy: Going to be a proper winter holiday this year and I am stoked.
  10. zebedee

    Upcoming movies

    Theres a movie/documentary about nuclear weapons called Countdown to Zero that sounds interesting. Oh, and Apes sounds pretty cool.
  11. Does that road get closed in the worst blizzard conditions? I suppose not with it being the only way up there, but how do they cope with it?
  12. 8 The plan was for more in Zao but events put a stop to that idea!
  13. Leslie Neilson has died. Didn't realise he was 84!
  14. Just booked 5 nights in Hakuba in January. A few more trips hopefully but will plan them later.
  15. zebedee

    The YOUTUBE thread

    That Rainbow one is just so funny. What was that made for?
  16. zebedee


    Well those things look dangerous. How do they get them up the lifts anyway?
  17. Hi there Anyone able to help with ETC discounts? I'm having trouble with the Japanese info on the discounts (English site doesn't go into the details). Am I correct in thinking that on a holiday it's 50% off durin the daytime and then I can still have 50% off 5pm-8pm? Can I use both of those in one day if both are under 100km? Also, if the time limit is 8pm, is that the last time to ENTER the expressway or the time you need to be OFF the expressway? Thanks
  18. Me! I got told that December would be my last month earlier this week. Seems life is about to change quite suddenly. Still thinking through what to do - try and find something here or leave Japan and go back to family base...
  19. Good handle, you sound pretty chuffed!
  20. Seals most recent album is pretty good.
  21. zebedee

    Jesus is my friend

    Only just seen this. Very funny.


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