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  1. Would like to get a new aircon. Out of Japan for a few weeks over summer so willing to wait, if they are generally cheaper after the peak of summer. Seems like something that would likely happen.....what do you reckon?
  2. zebedee

    Docomo goes iPhone?

    Who gave in, Docomo (not putting it's shite on the phone) or Apple (letting Docomo put their shite on the phone)?
  3. Went with this one. It's AWESOME! Bought the bits seperately and just over 160K. I had 30000 points, so I did a Black Mountain justification of it only costing 130,000!
  4. What do you do? Buy lunch at the resort, take your own something or just have a snack and go non stop like the Duracell bunny?
  5. Japan is to issue its gravest warning about the state of the wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant since the facility suffered a triple meltdown almost two and a half years ago. The new warning, expected on Wednesday, comes only a day after the nuclear watchdog assigned a much lower ranking when the plant's operator, Tepco, admitted about 300 tonnes of highly toxic water had leaked from a storage tank at the site. The Nuclear Regulation Authority has now said it will dramatically raise the incident's severity level from one to three on the eight-point scale used by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for radiation releases. Each single-digit increase in the scale actually represents a tenfold increase in the severity of a radiological release, according to the IAEA. The NRA on Tuesday classified the leakage only as an "anomaly" on the IAEA scale but now considers it a "serious incident". The leak is the single most dangerous failure at the plant since the 2011 meltdown, which warranted the maximum level of seven on the severity scale, putting it on a par with the Chernobyl disaster 25 years earlier. "Judging from the amount and the density of the radiation in the contaminated water that leaked ... a level three assessment is appropriate", the NRA said in a document posted on its website on Wednesday. Tepco has admitted it has yet to identify the cause of the leak, in which highly radioactive water appears to have breached a steel storage tank and seeped into the ground. The leak from the tank, which can hold up to 1,000 tonnes of water, has yet to be stemmed, according to Japanese media reports.
  6. zebedee

    Ippy's Thailand

    Update, ippy, update!
  7. zebedee

    Hot hot hot (2013)

    what's that other place in Gunma that often hits the news for heat?
  8. zebedee


    Laying low.
  9. Actually, I don't oppose Islam as a country either.
  10. zebedee

    Stuff that spoils movies

    Totally agree MO.
  11. Yeah they hardly change here. But aren't most manufactured overseas?
  12. zebedee

    My seatbelt story

    People will slow down. That has benefits too. It might even save a life. Bet you'd thank the dude who did it if it saved your daughters life.
  13. zebedee

    The Golden Week period

    Over nighta camp! File under too long in Japan!
  14. zebedee


    Anyone here downloaded and used the google browser, chrome? I tried it and it seemed ok, though browsers don't really excite me. Will spend some more time on it.
  15. Hope the 'health challenge' is no longer a challenge. Hate them.
  16. zebedee

    iPhone 5

    Makes me laugh people spouting off how many Gbs and cores a phone has. Or a computer even. Most people probably have not idea what it means, and even if they do it doesn't mean much. What matters is real world performance.
  17. zebedee


    BTW, is trukkin' money good?


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