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  1. I'm just fed up with the heat, just give me a bit of cool weather or snow...we'll worry about the details later on.
  2. Sons of the Beach. Ain't heard of that one. I watched Mad TV once more to give it another chance. It was still really crap.
  3. Akita is great. But not much of a club scene going on up there. can't have everything.
  4. Just got Sky Perfect and seen a few funny progs on the listings. I watched MAD TV last night and it was just embarrasingly so very very bad and so very unfunny. I didn't laugh once. I see Friends and stuff like that is also on there, any other funny stuff anyone on here can give me an osusume for? cheers
  5. No, but it sure looks like a place I'd like to be right now.
  6. Sapporo is fun, especially in winter.
  7. Not being smug. Hey, some ladies find bald to be sexy. Maybe. You sound rather sensitive about that Mr Ocean11. I was just pointing out that many "bald fashion" people are basically "balding" people. [This message has been edited by f (edited 02 August 2002).]
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