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  1. Originally Posted By: Go Native
    It's mostly only Queenslanders. Washing away a few of them isn't such a loss I can assure you! razz

    Mate there are lots of people missing and dead.

    Your comment has been forwarded to the appropriate authorities who wont see your comment to be so funny.
  2. So how much does the owner get...bugger all after all expenses...

    Yeah before you could get 4% or over return but nowdays you would be lucky to make 2-3% off your investment.


    As for Sapporo people propping the market your absoulutely dreaming !! Why on earth would they go to Niseko when theres closer ski areas nearby e.g Kokusai, Kiroro, Teine etc and so much more that are so easily accessed by public transport.

    Fact is most Sapporeans have been there done that and why ride with the crowds when you can go elsewhere,uncrowded, cheaper and better value for money.


    Having lived in Niseko before and after the boom your dreaming if you think the Japanese will fill the summer market.

    If so why arent there a bucket load of rafting companies ??

    Fact is most of their income are from school groups and they stay mostly at the Japanese hotels and sure as hell dont spend much money in the town. To most Japanese theres so many more places to go in Japan than Niseko.


    Seriously you guys are living in a gold fish bowl. If you seriously think your going to get the summer SE Asian market explain to me how !

    They have been coming to Hokkaido for years, even Niseko to play golf for the weekend , a dirty night in Sapporo then back home. This has been happening for along time.


    For the Asian market Niseko has nothing that they want. They come to Hokkaido for one thing and thats to eat Hokkaido seafood and shopping.Shit spend a bit of time at the airport and watch them go home with bags and boxes of stuff.

    You guys are so off the pace when it comes to marketing to that market.

    Open a big Outlet shopping centre in Niseko in summer and you'll clean up, thats the only way you'll get them up there.

    Honestly you need to get into the Asian shoppers mindset then you might have half an idea.They come to Japan for one thing and thats to shop !


    The amount of dribble that gets posted on here regarding how great Niseko is is bewildering.

    As far as riding goes its a bloody hill at best. Why do you think its such a great place for families to come.


    Before I get attacked here, I was living and riding in Niseko before most of the so called locals on this site!

  3. But what would I know wink


    seems like not alot. Seems like your a skier...totally different lines.

    Not here to bitch but get frustrated at incorrect info, your basing your opinion on 3 average days at Tomamu. Mate I lived in Niseko for nearly 5 years before it turned into a circus, days when there were only a handfull of us whiteys up there, before there was any need to get first lifts cause you could find pow all day. Leaving there was the best thing I ever did because powder on the door step causes complacency and it forced me thoroughly explore the rest of Hokkaido and find stupid terrain and very very sick japanese riders.


    Go see the Danchi movie on sat and see some more of what Hokkas has to really offer.


    Black diamond has the point, exactly 6 turns then flats ...

    Personally though I wouldnt rate Asahidake that high, I know other places better but need good hiking but long,long powder runs ,hairy cliff drops and bastard long hikes out but well worth it.


    A move to Hakuba would be great, love the place but what about places like Tenjin and Hakoda,definitely going back there this winter..



  4. Like I said before...all in one, Train, lift ticket and free curry lunch ex Sapporo or Chitose, cheap as chips and for snowboarders awesome terrain in bounds and awesome outta bounds. The main thing you have to know your weather and what systems drops snow on what area.


    To answer Mr Pow..jeez mate it seems like magic mushies are legal in Japan again cause I dont know what your on but to say Kiroro on piste powder and terrain is better than hiking out ..well you gotta be on something.

    How many Days have you done at Tomamu ??? How many at Kiroro ?? Tomamu and the surrounding areas within an hrs drive has some of the best terrain in Japan. But what would I know, only lived and ridden Powder here in Hokkaido for nigh on 10 years. Hey but you seem to be the expert!!


    Thursday !! Mate, its a sweet place for the family, the twin towers are great accomodation, theres good reataraunts from cheap curry rice to top notch waggu steaks. Theres the whole ice festaval scenario that goes on there, the ice bar, carvings, fireworks etc etc. Then theres the wave pool !! Jeez the groms will be bored outta their minds!!

  5. Originally Posted By: MikePow

    Kiroro has so much more to offer in all facets, and isn't a mission to get to.

    My 2 yen worth

    Mate you dont reckon Kiroro isnt flat...faaark its a skating hell. Yeah theres some good terrain if your in the know. Strapping on the shoes and hiking outta the ski area is the go!
    Spend some time at Tomamu and really get to know the terrain and you'll find hits and shrooms and powder stashes all day.
    Have a go at the superpipe it can be intimidating.

    Like I said , dont ride to the bottom and just do lap after lap. theres a couple of great jumps under one of the lift lines.

    If your going there hang in bars your dreaming, aint gunna happen but if you have a car your a short drive to some of the best back country in Hokkaido...
    and yes there is other and better areas than kuro and asahidake.
  6. Having lived in Niseko for 4-5 yrs in the days before it turned into a 3 ringcircus full of ...I hit Tomamu every chance I can, usually after a few days in the Tokachidake area backcountry.


    The place has great terrain,great powder and if you do the cat some sick , sick pow.

    The whole lecture thing is a hoax. Sign a release form , grab a bib and helmet and you can ride anywhere you pretty well want.


    Dont bother riding to the bottom as its a flat run back to lift back to the top.Just do lap after lap through the trees up the top, get a good day here and you'll be stoked fro the season.


    Plenty of cheap pensions around if you have a car and as black diamond said the resort is well priced and heap of fun, especially the wave pool.

    Be wary of drinking in the ice bar as bloody exxy by japan standards.

    the smorgasbord feeds a gem!


    Getting popular stay for a day or 2 with the foreign crowd but you can find days of powder up there during the week.


    If your game and know what your doing there is some great back country out there.


    Its one of those hokkaido gems thats definitely worth the trip.

    Alot of people get skunked by bad weather but if you know what weather patterns dump snow at what area in hokkaido you'll have a blast.


    Then there's the park and Super Pipe. Alot of Japan pros come up to train on the pipe and some days you'll see some sick riding going down!


    Way better than the pyscho rush for lines and poached out madness at niseko !! That place is Not the be all and end all in Hokkaido, not by a long shot!


    Spend a couple of days there, no rush for pow lines and you'll be exploring freshies till you bust.

    Alot of koreans getting there now but all stick to the gelande.


    Weekends can be busy. theres train from Sappy if you havent got a car and you can get train,lift pass and free curry lunch for bugger all.


    Top spot!

  7. 2008 - 4 equals 2004...it was 2003/2004 season bloke after having a good think about it..02/03 was a good season but what about all the other dec..


    Come on mate how many of the local crew are going hard in dec..how many peak runs can you do...how much backcountry can you access..I lived up there for number of years and moved away when the circus hit town..Still like to do the odd day there but the hoopla over niseko is so over rated..its a hill!! how much better terrain does hokkaido have..


    I knew I'd cop flak from this but the place has gone to the dogs!!

    As for pics..like I said ..still do the odd day back country up there plus since riding there since 99 reckon seen more fresh crowdless days than most!

  8. They did it about 4 years ago..you couldnt ride down to hanazono as hardly any snow..We were having BBQ xmas eve sitting in the sun in T shirts..was real similar start to the season as this year..Didnt crack into gear until mid to late jan and we had dumps up to 1st/2nd week of april.


    I dont know why there is always the hype here on this site on how much snow there is..Dec is always crap..Nov/Dec 2000/2001 was the last good early base I can remember. If your used to riding oz conditions I suppose you would think its great but until the sassa is completely buried then its not even close to being on.


    niseko is just a big hill anyway..

  9. Mike I did its still pretty average...it'll come, when you look at possible good riding to come until at least end of march there's still a hell of alot of riding to come.

    Thats me main point..dec/early jan isnt when its on..its the push to bring punters in cause thats when it coincides with hols and they keen to blow coin..

    The big snow couple of years ago was different story..but that season nearly broke me back from every bloody day the amount of yuki kakki that went down..

  10. Mikepow like I said before I lived in Niseko well before the circus came to town,when there were hardly any gaijins around...yep been spoiled with alot of uncrowded powder days, dont really bother with Niseko any more, there's a hell of alot better riding around just got to do the miles...

    Fact is..its got along way to go till its cranking..when its on I'll have me hnd up first saying so but right now it's warm and and not doing it..yep its gunna get cloder later this week which is about time..I remember a similar dec/jan 4 years ago bit more base but we were having BBQ's outside for xmas..went away for 2 weeks mid jan and it puked and had dumps right thru feb/march and thru to mis april..back country riding was awesome..

    Lets hope this happens but things weather wise definitely are changing...Jan and feb we should hardly see the sun

  11. "I've seen a few newsletters recently sent out by some Niseko based companies claiming that this season is a bumper one with lots of early snow"


    Seriously ..what crap..so far its been a lean winter..take a drive around Hokkaido and its yuki tsukunai..yep niseko is getting some snow but measurements mean nothing..when the sassa's buried then the season ridings start..always has been the yard stick..if it aint burued it aint on period. Yep..I lived in niseko for 5 years and left after the circus came to town..still ride there on occaisons but when old jap locals are saying its a good month behind, well things arent right..How many fine days has there been...a bloody lot..

    Sea temps are unusally warm around Hokkaido..ask anyone that surfs!!It's pretty much a replay of last winter "worst on record for some parts of Hokkaido..it just seems to be coming later and later..the only respite was 2 years ago when it puked all season..record falls across the country...

    Anyway hope the weather settles down in to some decnt winter patterns and pray to huey for some big..big ..dumps

  12. Hey Nulla..$50 a day is pretty good,gives you scope for beer binge. We did the long stay last season on $30 a day no prob and had some big ones..some days you spend..some you dont.Just buy the biggest bottle of Jack duty free and do the old pour it in the coke bottle and take it everywhere you go out.Just leave it outside in the snow and zip out for a ice cold swig when you need to.Just have beers as a chaser.Oh yeah, spirits are much better value to buy than beer, you'll spin when you buy your first one...you'll see, it'll bring a smile to the dial.


    We withdrew money on probs from Kutchan post office on ATM , but you may have to get someone to come out and help you change it to english..but easier and safe as mate, bring cash, cash,cash..just have back up creddy if you need.


    When you flying out? You on JAL or Qantas?

  13. Hey Snobo Yaro, it's easy..just wear a ski mask, walk in to ya bank and say this is a stick up and give us all da cash...Naah serious..just work like a dog for 9 months,sometimes 30 days straight, take heaps of crap from your boss (never tell him to stick it...you will cherish the day you told him your quitting and going snowboarding in japan) Dont ever go out, only chase waves when you know it's pumping...eat lots of black and gold baked beans,..and save, save ,save...then sell EVERYTHING you own and say sayonara suckers to ya mates..and get on that iron bird back to heaven..One look at those JAL hostesess and you know it was all worth it...Oh yeah ring ya mates heaps when your over there and bag the hell out of them ..tell them what their missing!!


    When I first started surfing I used to do this tochase waves all round the world...now it's the powder drug...and Niseko is the supplier!

    See ya's there!

  14. Hey Cats, I'm back up there from 18th Jan until mid April, looks like it's pumping...it's gunna be real busy season ..lots of aussie crew going over..but hey..there's sooo much pow for everyone!

    SFG/Sam try snowave chalet or B's cafe (just in fromt of Bang Bang's)for internet..dont worry you'll find them easy enough, 100 yen for 15mins..

    Snowboard freak ..how much you guys paying for accomo..if thats cool to ask..

    Yep..I'm buzzing too, can not come quick enough..

    See ya's up there! You wont miss me..I'll be the one with ear to ear grin!!

  15. Hey snowboard..it's the goose again, for my 2 cents worth, just ride the lifts to the top, follow the ant trail of people trekking to the top of the peak, have a rest, take in the sick view, spare a thought about your mongrel mates for a sec and what futile and pointless lives they are leading back home, think what a lucky b****d you are ,point ya board down that pow and fly and float...

    Mate you will be sweet...I know how you feel..I'm going back in 2 weeks and buzzing off my head..You'll find your way around quick as..especially with 2 weeks..I'm up there until late march early april, depends on the snow..so maybe catch up with you..just wait until you get off that plane in sapporo...just soak it all in..for the next 12 months you'll be hanging and saving to get to get back..mate I'll tell ya..you'll never be the same

    But one word of warning..there will be a s**t load of aussies up there, so get up for the first lifts and fresh pow..it does get poached and yes the Japanese ride the trees..so get out early and get amongst it...just keep riding new territory all the time..

    Take it easy and happy new year!


    Has anyone seen my head...that was one hell of a party!

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