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  1. We'll, been using it for a week or two now. Absolutely love it. Beautiful flame, very very warm, clean and easy to use...on/off switch and control temp. And it really does keep the room warm. Uses a lot of pellets but I reckon the winter will cost 3 man for the winter. Easily worth it not just for the what but the pleasure.
  2. snowjunky. that goes without saying....
  3. Beautiful morning here in Minakami. Last of the colours I suspect with poor weather forecast this week.
  4. I suppose it is bound to happen but there seems to be this image that every slope is full of foreigners. It's a tiny minority that has lots of foreigners. A small number that has a few. The vast majority have close to none.
  5. When light makers say that an LED light will last for 40,000 hours, they are just plucking numbers out of the air aren't they?
  6. My gran always used to say that when you were ill, eat some Rich Tea and all will be better. Bless her!
  7. Presumably there's something there to prevent mistaken 'clicks'? Does it work good?
  8. Totally agree with what Mr Wiggles says there. (Myself, I avoid rain wherever possible).
  9. Other half was all "SAMUIII" this morning.
  10. 2 smiles in a year is surely pushing it.
  11. Sarcasm doesn't go down too well either though does it.
  12. We have this every year don't we? I put in my mind mid December as a starting point. Anything else is a bonus.
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