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  1. I agree about the walk up from the car park. They should at least let you buy tickets by that first lift so you can get up there and ski back down to the gondola.
  2. That was quick! And yes you are right. (Annoying isn't it?)
  3. Might get some snow higher today, I expect it to be rather wet though if we get any here.
  4. Weekdays very quiet at lots of places. You can park right by the lifts in some places!
  5. Stuff like that drives me nuts too. Did they give you 'this is Japan and it's how things are done here' look/speech? That always helps make things better.
  6. Tremendously ugly towns and villages that sometimes become acceptably pretty with all the snow. Some even very pretty. Snow does wonders covering all those crumbling buildings and abandoned vehicles etc!
  7. If they refilled it in with nature, I would guess there's environmental issues/promises in there too. It's not as if Japanese avoid letting things rot away on full view!
  8. Here's a list of what you can class yourself as on Facebook apparently •Agender •Androgyne •Androgynous •Bigender •Cis •Cisgender •Cis Female •Cis Male •Cis Man •Cis Woman •Cisgender Female •Cisgender Male •Cisgender Man •Cisgender Woman •Female to Male •FTM •Gender Fluid •Gender Nonconforming •Gender Questioning •Gender Variant •Genderqueer •Intersex •Male to Female •MTF •Neither •Neutrois •Non-binary •Other •Pangender •Trans •Trans* •Trans Female •Trans* Female •Trans Male •Trans* Male •Trans Man •Trans* Man •Trans Person •Trans* Person •Trans Woman
  9. Been pretty mad round this area. From what I can tell there are STILL road/train problems.
  10. Oh yes one thing worth mentioning, before 19th January they open on weekdays at 8am. I don't know why the 19th has significance but... Also on weekends they open 7am. Of course add the ticket window and slow gondola times on to those for a realistic starting time! Though I think the gondola speeds up when they are busy. Still, it is strange the late opening and I can imagine frustrating. I have always gone once it is already open so not encountered it.
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