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  1. What had he done in recent years? All my memories of him are from 80s and 90s.
  2. Twitter is the one that I totally don't get. A few times I have tried to get some info and follow a line of talk between a few people on there and it's just totally beyond me. Endless hashtags, links, photo links. Infuriating.
  3. I have good memories of Mario Kart. Not enough to buy a new machine though.
  4. Thing is, are you a man or a muppet? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRDnQXD3Cpw
  5. I hate that 'totally run down' look that most Japanese ski-jo go for (and do so well!)
  6. Terrifying. Not real, like some kind of crazy nightmare.
  7. I have never actually been on that run but would like to. Does look like it has been on and off in recent years. This year = off.
  8. 西武グループの元総帥だった堤義明が自ら音頭を取り、筍山(標高1,789.7m)を買い取って一大リゾート地を建設する構想を企画し、1961年に苗場国際スキー場という名称でオープンした。 So yes opened as Naeba Kokusai in 1961.
  9. I see the Shiga Kogen - Kusatsu also opens today.
  10. Marunuma over to Tochigi road opens today. Tempted to go over to Nikko.
  11. Seen quite a few round here. Little young white goats. Perhaps a regional thing.
  12. It's sunny. I don't think many are bothered as we're firmly into spring now and thats what most people are thinking about.
  13. I like toasted sandwiches. I hate cleaning the thing afterwards though.
  14. I can see that an ipad connected up and doing googlemaps would be enough, but I really like my car navi system. I migh be missing out on google functionality, but from where I am my machine does much more and does it neater too. It acts as my cd player, dvd player and tv as well (don't use the latter much but they were useful when I was driving around after the quake!)
  15. Feeling a visit to the dentist is necessary. One of my back teeth has become very sensitive to cold recently. Don't think I can put it off much longer.
  16. Someone in my neighbourgood has the most horrible car color ever. It's like a dirty pea green. I hope they got a good discount!
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