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  1. Ippy....flunked a nova interview? The same Nova?!
  2. Would love to have a go in a super fast car on a race track. You can back 'experiences' like that I think as presents (to yourself!)
  3. You must be looking forward to that Tubby!
  4. I wonder if couples would be able to sue if they got pregnant after using these government backed 'pinned' condoms? If politicians weren't in charge of running the country, you'd have to laugh.
  5. Won't the water splash around when it moves. I just brought a cup of coffee upstairs and I had difficulty not spilling some of it.
  6. Which ski resorts are you claiming supposedly advertise 38 as the steepest in Japan?
  7. Apparently it was discussed between manager and sub keeper beforehand; but not the keeper that was to be subbed. He didn't seem to mind though did he.
  8. Had some Shiga Kogen beer last night. Always like that from time to time.
  9. I hate to be judgemental but what the heck... what a complete bellend.
  10. So how's he doing this week Chriselle? Looking forward to the weekend?
  11. Fingers crossed there's no El Nino event. We need more snow next season, not less!
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